Alexander Gobozov: “All that Aliana said the air – deception”

Александр Гобозов: «Все, что Алиана сказала в эфире - обман» Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has not reconciled with his ex-wife. The family Gobozova left the Studio of the transmission “is actually” the three of us. However, the show’s host Dmitry Shepelev did not believe in the sincerity of what is happening. “StarHit” and contacted Alexander and learned, changed their attitude after the program.
Александр Гобозов: «Все, что Алиана сказала в эфире - обман»

Yesterday in the program “actually” took place the meeting of Alexander and Aliana Gobozova. The infamous participants of the TV project “Dom-2” came into the Studio with Dmitry Shepelev, who tried to reconcile them. During the programme the former couple admitted that they cheated on each other, and also found other controversies.

Aliana answered honestly to the questions ex-mother-in-law, Olga Vasilievna with which they have developed an uneasy relationship from the beginning. The young woman explained that now does not feel her hatred, and also forgotten old grudges. Aliana Gobozova vinyl in-law in the death of his mother

“StarHit” decided to find out whether after the filming of the show all family members managed to reconcile and to establish a schedule of meetings with the child.

Александр Гобозов: «Все, что Алиана сказала в эфире - обман»“She pretended to not see the bad side. With my mom they did not resolve the conflict. Aliana immediately Packed up and left,” – said Alexander “StarHit”.

The man also commented on the situation with the permission to travel abroad. In the transfer Gobozova ex-wife claimed that he did not give her to leave with Robert abroad.

“All she told me is a fraud. I wanted to go with the child to the parents. She said, “No. Let them come.” And there are mountains, fresh air”, – told ex-member of telestroke.

According to Alexander, she is very jealous of the boy to him and therefore rarely permits son to spend time with his father. The man tried to keep quiet about it, but the situation after the broadcast was even worse.

“It’s a lie and vygorazhivaniya Aliani me sick that she is all Holy and good. Lie detector still showed who is cheating and who is not. It covers a army of subscribers. Aliana is an evil man, and Robert feels it,” explained Gobozov.

A former member of the project claims that in the last days of the life of Svetlana Ustinenko his mother, Olga took entire care of her, helped to bathe, cleaned the apartment.

Александр Гобозов: «Все, что Алиана сказала в эфире - обман»“Aliana strong resentment against her, her anger consumes from within. After what my mother did for her, she kicked her out. I then told Eliane that she was ungrateful. Nothing we’ve established,” said Alexander.
Александр Гобозов: «Все, что Алиана сказала в эфире - обман»

In turn, fans Aliani actively discussing a program that was on TV, on her page in the social network. Some believe that the words of the young women distorted, and therefore put her at fault. For others, Gobozov has behaved wrongly, taking all the money from Sasha.

“I went there to publicly make a point. So I didn’t ask the eternal questions: “Where is the husband? Robik where’s dad?” – answered Aliana subscribers.