Глеб Савченко и Елена Самоданова рассекретили имя новорожденной дочери Former participants of the project “dancing with the stars” became parents for the second time. The baby was born on the first of August. The eldest heir to the star couple Olivia was looking forward to when she gets a little sister.

The world famous dancers Gleb Savchenko and Elena Samodanova became parents for the second time. The man told about the joyous event for their fans in the microblog. He said that his wife gave him a daughter. The star of Latin dances left for Sydney, where his wife gave birth.

“Elena and I are happy to welcome our daughter Zlata, who was born on August in 22.26 weighing 3600 grams,” wrote Gleb on Twitter.

Fans rushed to congratulate the celebrities with the replenishment of the family. They wished mother and newborn baby health. Now the woman with the baby is preparing for discharge from hospital.

That Elena and Gleb become parents for the second time, they announced at the end of March. She did not keep such a good news. Unlike many celebrities who try to hide details before the birth, Samodanova admitted that waiting for the girl.

Married couple with older daughter Olivia, who was born six years ago in Hong Kong. The girl with impatience waited, when it will have a little sister. As parents, the first child enjoys dancing. Elena and Gleb were not against the fact that Olivia loves sports – she is engaged in gymnastics, swimming, to develop the spirit of sportsmanship and to strengthen muscles.

Gleb Savchenko and Elena Samodanova born in Russia. After them came the success in dance in the international arena, they live in different city’s of the world – Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Sydney. The actress was told that her future husband began to communicate after he invited her to new York to participate in one of the TV show. After that, between the professional dancers broke out a novel, and in 2006 they formalized the relationship.

Widely known in our country Samodanova and Savchenko received through participation in the project of TV channel “Russia” “Dancing with the stars” two years ago. The man went to the floor together with the famous figure skater Adelina Sotnikova, and his wife sat in the chair of the jury.