Дарья Пынзарь поразила роскошным бюстом A young mother posted a spectacular photo in a bathing suit. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” spends time with family on vacation and enjoys every second. Beloved husband of reality star constantly takes pictures of her in a bikini, admiring her figure and overall success.

      Just a couple of months after the second birth, Daria Pynzar managed to regain their form. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have spent many hours training in the gym, and, of course, is reflected on her body. Now the young mother can boast of a perfect figure that will amaze her fans.

      However, the real excitement is caused not pictures of Daria from the gym or on the beach. It is the staff on which one can perfectly see the gorgeous bust Pynzar be the most discussed among her fans. Those who actively follow the life star of the acclaimed TV show, you know that at the time she asked for help to plastic surgeons to increase breast and to adjust the shape. Now the spicy part of the body the mother of two looks really impressive, and her numerous fans are trying to figure out whether this is due to breastfeeding.

      In the comments to the picture of Daria in which she appears in a very favorable light, in a matter of hours has been posted dozens of questions from young mothers, who, like the star of “House-2” I would like to enlist the help of plastic surgeons.

      “Daria, tell me how you feed your baby after the implant placement? Were there any problems?”, “Dasha, please tell us about the chest. Still, you have done it a long time ago, that with the form? Was breast-fed son? As the milk?”. “Dasha, are you still breast-feed? And until what is the plan?”, – left many questions users of the social network.

      I must say, the topic of breast in discussions Darya Pynzar chose not to touch, but because many of the questions her fans have remained unanswered. Only later the star of “House-2” in the comments to the same picture told about the care of hair, disregarding the topic of breastfeeding.

      We will remind, earlier Pynzar admitted in an interview with “StarHit” that she is incredibly proud of his bust, and for several years she never had to regret that she turned to the surgeons. A young woman strives to always remain attractive to her husband and therefore ready to make many experiments.

      However, after the birth of her second son eks-the participant “Houses-2” was much more interested in her figure. Daria has worked tirelessly in the gym, trying new ways of training and carefully watching their diet. At the moment the family Pynzar spends time in Pereslavl-Zalessky on Plesheeva the lake, but there is a young mother does not forget about discipline.

      “How good it is here! I advise everyone to visit these places. Such a peace, so much historical and interesting – and fishing, and swim – in General, for every taste of adventure” – shared his impressions the star.

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