Глюк'оZа вспомнила прошлую любовь The singer, who now rests in Marbella with the family, never stops sharing with fans photos from the trip. Recently the attention of fans of the actress attracted a post in which she asked to share their experience. Subscribers Glyuk’ozy tied her question with a sudden appearance in the life of a star man from her past.

      30-year-old singer Gluk’oza happily married for several years. However, life sometimes puts in front of the artist interesting questions. Recently she met a mysterious man from the past, and I thought, what if it all turned out differently? This event is so excited Glyuk оZу that she couldn’t sleep all night.

      “Today my thoughts are in a very strange and unexpected meeting at the airport. I can not share, because you so much and your support has always been crucial for me… Today will be a difficult night, full of hesitation and doubt… Today I met with my past and for a moment imagined how would be my life if I had chosen a different path,” shared the singer in Instagram.

      After some time, Gluk’oza decided to ask the fans, is it possible to restore the old relationship or parting, it is better to leave forever.

      “In your life happened history when you returned to the old relationship after a while? And if so, what happened? Or if you leave, burn all the bridges behind?”, asked Gluk’oza from subscribers to its microblog.

      Some fans of the actress tied her question with my ex earlier post in Instagram, which the singer decided to talk after a meeting with a person from the past. Anyway, they told Glyuk оZе about your experience. “My husband and I met, drifted apart, then back together and now 10 years as a family, to each his own”, “it Depends on what the situation is, Love can’t be saved”, “Three-year relationship to no avail, found the strength and left, no regrets. On the same day, met his fate”, “the same river can not enter twice, it will bring only suffering and we would be deceiving ourselves”, “Four years together. 100 times left and returned again. Recently broke up, probably forever,” wrote the followers of a celebrity.

      By the way, Gluk’oza now resting on one of resort of Spain. Company the singer makes up for her loved ones — husband, children and mother-in-law Tamara Chistyakova. Star enjoy visiting local restaurants with her husband, vacationing at a local SPA and plays with heirs in pokemon. The singer also has not forgotten about his fans and occasionally their pictures happy family idyll. Not so long ago she posted a touching picture, which the celebrity husband Alexander Chistyakov was captured together with his daughter. “Oh, I don’t envy dads daughters! To let go of their princesses to adulthood is not easy,” wrote Gluk’oza.

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