Настя Каменских рискнула уехать в отпуск с переломом ноги A month later, after a bad parachute jump, and the subsequent operation of the popular singer decided to go for a vacation. At the moment the artist is much better. Nastya is in a positive mood and even mastered a new activity.

      Despite a serious injury, Nastya Kamenskikh dared to spend the last days of summer, take a trip. Singer a lot of sunbathing and enjoying life. Apparently, fresh air and sunshine will benefit the artist. Nastya even dared to remove the plaster. However, she admits that she is not easy to rest with an injured limb.

      Nastya Kamensky shared the horrific footage of the fall with a parachute

      “For me, the rest with a broken leg, of course, test, but it’s worth it”, — said Kamensky in Instagram.

      Fans rushed to support their favorite singer. “Soon all will heal, take care, Nastya”, “get Well”, “Nastya, you are, most importantly, don’t break yourself more than anything”, “But you will be stronger, he went all summer with a broken leg,” wrote the followers of the artist in the comments.

      Despite what happened with Kamensky, she continues to keep a positive attitude. Singer publishes a lot of pictures with relaxing and charming smiles, as if nothing had happened. Nastya also maintains a video blog on YouTube where talks about the process of rehabilitation. The actress even said he found positives in that injured leg. While she rested, she wrote the song. “Let the such cases, of course not, but it’s great that you can do,” explained Kamenskih fans.

      In addition, the singer decided to do crafts. Anastasia started to weave bracelets, which are her friends. Kamensky it is recognized that calms her down is the process of creating jewelry. Earlier, the actress was engaged in knitting and even bought coloring to relieve stress in between gigs. Girl friends nevsegda shared her Hobbies, but this did not prevent her to continue favorite activities. In the future Kamensky wants to organize the first exhibition of paintings, but so far she has too little time to do it seriously.

      We will remind that Nastya Kamensky got triple leg fracture after a bad parachute jump. At first, nothing boded trouble, but when the singer had to land in its mechanism failed. This error could be for Kamensky fatal, but, by a lucky chance all has managed. After a hard landing Nastia had a complex and lengthy operation. When the artist returns to the stage, is still unknown. Potapov spoke about the state Nastya Kamenskih after the tragedy

      “At that moment, when you get the spare wheel down, runs life as a film! And most importantly, you can’t stop the fall or delay the time… Suffered a right leg, but a huge thanks to my instructor, who reacted in time, and I survived. Friends! Not all dreams need to realize in life. I shot the blog in this moment” — shared the singer in his microblog.

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