Daria Pynzar: “From pain during labor saved me a hammock”

Дарья Пынзарь: «От боли во время схваток меня спас гамак» Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has given the first interview after birth. According to star, she was really hurt during fights. She thanked the doctors who helped her during childbirth, and she endured the whole process with no problems. Mom and baby are both doing well. The pynzar told how they had named their son.

      Дарья Пынзарь: «От боли во время схваток меня спас гамак»

      Yesterday, in the family of ex-participants of telestroke “Dom-2” Sergey and Daria Pynzar happened replenishment – was born the second son of the couple. The happy event occurred in the Perinatal medical centre “Mother and child” on the Sevastopol prospectus. Today mom and baby are both doing great. However, while the boy’s parents have not decided what to call him.

      Daria Pynzar gave birth to a son

      “We decided to call son for Christmas, – says Dasha. On may 15, this is Yegor, Boris, Gleb, Michael, David. Most of all I like the last name. Yes, it is not Russian, and Hebrew, but I believe, if you like, no need to pay attention to it. Besides, David is a very unusual name, in that it is also a plus. In the meantime, we are 100% confident in your choice, the name of her son Sergeyevich…”

      Daria says that during the second birth, which lasted 4 hours, has made an unusual discovery. “Don’t believe it, saved me a hammock! – confessed the young mother. – A red hammock, which I had in the house. The doctors advised me to sit in it during contractions and it really helped me, I almost felt no pain! Of course, this is the great merit of doctors. They can say, “birth” of a baby for me in just three attempts. I was hurt only very little, while “epidural” did not and then, before the advent of the son. I in indescribable delight from the hospital, all the advice is there to give birth!”

      All the time of birth spouse Daria Sergei did not depart from his beloved even for a minute.

      “He supported me, said kind words, – says the participant of the reality show “Pregnant” on TV channel “Home”. – Stroking her hair, holding her hand. I cut the cord and immediately took the baby in his arms. And when I saw the child, knew immediately that he was the copy of the Theme, one to one, only dark. And weight it even more Topic – 2750 grams, and the weight of the first son at birth was 2530 grams. The growth of the younger brother 50 cm a bit more than I was at birth the elder – 47 cm.
      Дарья Пынзарь: «От боли во время схваток меня спас гамак»

      The eldest child of Dasha Artem, who in July will mark 5 years, has not seen his younger brother. “Son accompanied me to the hospital with tears, – tells Dasha. – Experienced, I’ll be there, what will happen to me? Said, “Mommy, you hold on!”, and I have as much heart ached… And in the evening when I returned home after giving birth, without me, the Theme could not hold back tears. Became, sniffing, to gather, to dress: “Daddy, can I go to mother! Want to see her!” Serge had barely calmed down… my Husband decided that while I had better not call, and they will hear my voice and going to cry again”.

      The statement of a young mother with a newborn will take place this Wednesday. “From the hospital, immediately go home, – shares plans of Dasha. Very want faster in native walls, and the eldest son, I miss talking to you…”

      Дарья Пынзарь: «От боли во время схваток меня спас гамак»

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