Queen Elizabeth II had fun at the celebration of the 90th anniversary

Королева Елизавета II повеселилась на праздновании 90-летия Despite the fact that his jubilee the Queen celebrated 21 April, the UK continued the festivities in honor of the monarch. Last weekend at Windsor castle hosted a Grand concert and fireworks in honour of her Majesty.

      Королева Елизавета II повеселилась на праздновании 90-летия

      At Windsor castle on Sunday gathered all the representatives of the Royal family. They waited for the show in several parts, which involved 1.5 thousand people and 900 horses from around the world. Elizabeth II is fascinated with this animal. 90-year-old Queen of England was in a cheerful mood. The birthday girl was dressed in an outfit in shades of blue and friendly waving to all goat out of the box.

      The feast at Windsor castle began with a parade involving horses. After the representatives of the British Royal family went to the show Duo Ant&Dec. The event remembered the most vivid moments from the lives of the Queen and her periods of her reign. The audience was shown scenes from early childhood, of the monarch, and her coronation in 1952.

      By the way, on the eve of the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II was rumored that she was going to abdicate in favor of William’s grandson, not his father Prince Charles. However, the Queen decided to stay in power.

      Elizabeth II might abdicate in the anniversary of the death of Diana

      Королева Елизавета II повеселилась на праздновании 90-летия

      Speaking to a crowd, the son of the ruler Prince Charles wished his mother the happiest years of my life. On one of the official pages of the Royal family in Instagram followers touching touches the frame where Prince Charles kisses the hand of her mother. “God save the Queen”, “Prince Charles looks so proud”, “Very cute”, “She is very beautiful and the best,” write the users of social network.

      Королева Елизавета II повеселилась на праздновании 90-летия

      The event, which lasted 90 minutes, has sold 25 thousand tickets. They were sold out very quickly. Holiday show in front of thousands of hall featured performers from Canada, Oman, Fiji, Chile, New Zealand, Australia and Azerbaijan.

      Happy anniversary Queen Elizabeth II from the stage congratulated in their speeches, Kylie Minogue, Katherine Jenkins, Andrea Bocelli, Beverley knight, James blunt and actress Helen Mirren, who is the owner of “Oscar” for his role in the film “the Queen”. Many of znamenitij are friends of the Royal family and regularly participate in the activities of the British yard.

      The evening ended with fireworks illuminating the sky over Windsor. The event was attended by Prince Philip, the Queen’s grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry, the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, Prince Edward, the Earl of Essex, Sophie, the Countess of Essex, Louise Windsor, James, Viscount Severn.

      Королева Елизавета II повеселилась на праздновании 90-летия
      Королева Елизавета II повеселилась на праздновании 90-летия

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