Son of Agnes Ditkovskite first fell in love

Сын Агнии Дитковските впервые влюбился The actress has approved the darling boy, who over his eight years. The heir of Agnes, Ditkovskite made my mom happy with their choice. The actress is convinced that love is for all ages.

      Сын Агнии Дитковските впервые влюбился

      Agnes, Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov almost two years ago, became the happy parents. Family life of the couple did not work, however, the son of Feodor both doted. The actress spends with the baby every minute. She is happy to see his progress. The boy grows active and inquisitive, he never ceases to amaze parents.

      Recently at my mom for the first time Fyodor had taken a liking to the girl. The child made friends with the daughter of friends of the actress. Young lady greatly impressed him. The age difference with his girlfriend did not bother the baby, it was very interesting to communicate and play. “It’s first love! So beautiful, so tender, and Yes, it is older than eight years, though, the love for all ages” – wrote Agnes on his page in Instagram.

      Сын Агнии Дитковските впервые влюбился

      By the way, last month, the star family in the face of Ditkovskite Agnes, her mother, actress Tatyana Lyutaeva and younger brother Dominic were the guests of one of the programs on the First channel. Famous grandmother is very touching comments about his little grandson.

      “Fyodor, I think, similar to all – and mom and dad, and even Dominic,” said Tatiana lutaeva. – When I look at my childhood photos, it seems that Fyodor is my copy of when childhood photos of Agnes, it seems that the son is his mother’s copy. I think that Fedor will also be superlinearly”. “Yes, he has supersocket!”, – added Agnes.

      We will remind, the firstborn, and Ditkovskite Chadova was born on 5 June 2014. Alas, the birth of a baby to unite a couple. Before the birth of beloved child often quarrel and sort things out, but after nothing has changed for the better. Alex and Agnes finally broke up in may 2015, when Fede was only a few months. Former spouses now support communication only for my son. Alexey Chadov with the heir spends a lot of time, the baby often happen on a visit home from the Pope.

      “A small child is not able to analyze the situation, he lives by instinct, therefore, is not yet able to realize that he was used or not. Of course, for any child the separation of parents is a trauma, but he will only understand it when you grow up, and I hope God will give us wisdom and strength to explain everything correctly to the son, with minimal damage to it,” says the actress.

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