Daria Kanawha applied to the role of mother

Дарья Канануха примеряется к роли мамы The winner of the show “the Bachelor” learns to handle the babies. Ponencia someone else’s baby, Daria Kanawha came to the conclusion that motherhood is a Herculean task.

      Дарья Канануха примеряется к роли мамы

      The winner of the third season of the popular show “the Bachelor” Daria Kanawha, which in may will mark 24 years, applied to the most important and responsible role in the life of every the fair sex – role of the mother. Thinking about future motherhood, Dasha still fulfills the skills of handling babies in other people’s children.

      On the eve of the unaccomplished bride Timur Batrutdinova visited your friends, where she was entrusted to babysit with breast toddler. Daria Kanawha enthusiastically talked about the experience with a little boy, but came to the conclusion that motherhood is hard work. “Yesterday was trusted with caring for such sweet pups. Meet Jan Almatovich. Realized that being a mom is such a charm, is a Herculean task” – this comment was accompanied by Daria Kanawha picture, which she gently and tenderly presses it to her chest plump baby four or five months old.

      It is not excluded that your post about the baby the winner of “the Bachelor” is hinting at something that is not against to start a family and heirs. It is known that Daria Kanawha for several months in love and meeting with his elect, whose name while keeps a secret. After parting with Timur Batrutdinov, a native of Kazan was briefly bored and alone: very soon the Challenger for the title of her companion was found and took a vacant seat. “My heart is not free, but the details I will not disclose. The man who is now next to me, wanted to handle private to the public, and I agree with him,” admitted Daria Kananoja in a recent interview “StarHit”.

      It should be noted that now in the life of both the finalists of the third season of the show “the Bachelor” is doing just fine. And Daria Kaneohe, and Galina Rzhaksinsky successfully developed the business, great things happen and on the personal front. Gal not so long ago, presented to the public her new boyfriend. Unlike a competitor on the TV show, businesswoman Moscow did not hide the name and identity of the elect. A man named Eugene had fun at the party on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Rzhaksinsky, met with the girl and her family for New year and then flew off with lover on holiday in Thailand. But the hero of the show, Timur Batrutdinov, and remained one. The main women in his life still mother and beloved sister. However, Timur did not lose hope to meet my only one and claims that he is ready to marry later this year.

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