Hugh Jackman saved by vacationers on the beach in Sydney

Хью Джекман спас отдыхающих на пляже в Сиднее
A strong current almost carried people out to sea.

Hugh Jackman

Photo: Instagram Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman became a real hero in real life and not only in movies, the actor rescued tourists on the beach in Sydney.

The actor along with his son was in the water, when suddenly the current became so strong that it threatened to take people to the open ocean. It is noteworthy that the first Jackman has assisted vacationers, and then helped out on the land and his son, 15-year-old Oscar.

About the incident reported by the Guardian. According to the interlocutor of the edition, a huge wave rose up almost instantly, and Hugh immediately found his bearings and began to help anyone who was near him in the water.

Meanwhile, we will remind that recently Hugh Jackman has already undergone the fourth operation he fights with a serious illness.

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