Daria Dontsova are willing to put up with a cheating husband

Дарья Донцова готова смириться с изменами мужа The writer has shared the secrets of family life. According to Daria Dontsova, it is never jealous spouse, and also does not control his phone calls or correspondence. The woman did not fear that he can be unfaithful to her.
Дарья Донцова готова смириться с изменами мужа

The well-known writer Darya Dontsova has a happy marriage with the doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor of Moscow state University Alexander Dontsov. As the author of dozens of detectives, the secret to a happy family life is in the women’s patience, ability to forgive and not hold grudges. According to Dontsova, she never tormented wife with jealousy, and gave him enough freedom. Besides, the writer admits that only tries to praise her husband.

Daria said that I never suffered next to a man who kept his hands off her, or abusing alcohol. Since Alexander doesn’t have any such faults, Dontsova considers himself a happy woman who is even willing to put up with the infidelity of her husband.

“If I cheated on her, I would not pay attention to it. I have a friend with forty years of experience of marriage and five kids, whose husband, a very wealthy man, goes to the left. Naive husband thinks that his wife suspects nothing. Every time a man very “presets” and when he comes home, his hand hanging next coat. Friend quietly chuckles, hangs coat in the large cupboard to the other one hundred fifty five fur continues to live on,” said the writer.

Dontsov argues that she never will control the spouse. To many issues of relationships in the family star detectives is suitable philosophically.

“Must be female decency. To climb in her husband’s phone, pockets, wallet indecent. From his pocket fell a note – it is not addressed to you, do not read! By mistake spouse phone dialed your number, and you hear the conversation of the husband with the lover, – it is necessary to interrupt me and think: why he’s not with me now, mistress? He’s out of control womanizer? Then why do you marry? Or that you drove him to campaign for another woman with their endless demands and commanding tone? If you ask those on the other side of the barricades, the mistress will tell you how difficult it is to divert man from the family. Men cling even to bad focus. Wife will have to try very hard to husband left her,” explained Daria.

Husband of Darya Dontsova goes to rest with her friend

According to tradition, his upcoming birthday, the writer will be celebrated in Paris. Says Dontsova, every year they go there with my husband on June 7th.

“Now I warms the soul, what’s in the Desk drawer there is a train ticket to Paris. To me already from Paris I called the Manager and said, “Madam, your tea out of the pantry”. I love an evening Cup of tea, and not to run to the first floor to the kitchen, my bedroom, put the teapot,” – said Daria in an interview Wday.ru.