Son of Anton Gusev entertain guests at wedding father

Сын Антона Гусева развлечет гостей на свадьбе отца One of the main characters of the celebration, which will take place on the seventh of July, will be a 4-year-old Daniel. According to the Pope boy, Anton Gusev, he likes noisy events where there is a lot of people.
Сын Антона Гусева развлечет гостей на свадьбе отца

Anton and Vika invited to the wedding July 7, nearly 100 guests: parents, friends, colleagues in the project. One of the most important participants in the celebration will be a 4-year-old son of the groom from the first marriage with Eugenia Feofilaktova – Daniel.

Anton Gusev has shared details of the wedding with Victoria romanet

“Dan said he will make us a gift, – has shared with “StarHit” Anton. – He loves when a lot of people, the kid from fun. So he is also the master of ceremonies can be!”
Сын Антона Гусева развлечет гостей на свадьбе отца

Wedding couples will be held in the restaurant in the center of Moscow, which will be decorated in light turquoise. “After we’ll fly to France, continues Gusev. – Wants to do everything – and on the beach to lie, and the city to see!”

Despite the fact that before the celebration just over a month, the couple hoped to have time to solve all organizational issues. Birthday cake ordered from a couple of famous pastry chef Renata agzamova. Yet Vick has not shown what kind of dress will wear on the big day. It is known that she ordered a wedding dress designer from Kiev.

By the way, some time ago the couple had built a love nest. Romanet and Gusev moved to live outside the city, as the capital’s tired of the noise and dirty air.

“Everything is perfect: the forest nearby allows us to start school each morning with a jog, a restaurant to eat gourmet food, and closed area gives a sense of security. In addition, there is the Playground going to take son Daniel at the weekend, and he will have something to do here, and our Vetch future kids when we have them, too…” – said Anton.

Recall that Romanets and Gusev experienced in the late winter of a crisis. According to Victoria, Anton was unfaithful to her and she could not forgive him for this act. A man is very worried about this situation. Engagement Gusev and Romanets: “I begged Vicky forgiveness for cheating”

“Tried to justify himself: “Men need such “shaking”, it helps to understand the right person or not.” Now try to forget this thing, like a bad dream. It is important that Victoria once again was confident in me and my feelings. I still remember details of that morning when she forgave me, and I thank her for that,” said Gusev “StarHit”.