Mischa Barton has won a court

Миша Бартон выиграла суд

Mischa Barton and her lawyer Lisa bloom had won the court hearing the case “pornobest” as it was dubbed by the Western media.
In March, the Network has got video of intimate content from the personal archive of the actress. As it turned out, the culprit of the spread turned out to be her ex-boyfriend John Zacharias and another defendant in the case – mate a former lover who has spread the video on the Internet.

It is reported that on Monday, Burton and bloom had been in the superior court of Los Angeles, and signed a contract with John whereby he undertook not to continue to distribute any video or any photos with former sweetheart. In addition, Zacharias is forbidden to approach the Mike closer than a hundred yards forever, and the court reserved further consideration of the case, if need be.
“I’m proud of the victory of Misha. She did this not only for myself but for all women and girls. Mike wants everyone to know that we have the right to control our own bodies and to decide whether to show our private pictures to the world If a woman wants this – so be it, if not, you have to listen to her opinion” the lawyer said.
The claim documents Barton said that he secretly recorded as they have sex, and photographed her naked on the sly. It is reported that ex-boyfriend wanted to sell videos and pictures for 500 thousand rubles.
Recall that pornokanal followed shortly after a nervous breakdown actress. Misha is sure that someone drugged her at the birthday celebration, why her actions were inappropriate. Neighbors, fearing the strange behavior of Barton, called the ambulance, and Mike had to make excuses after.