Данила Козловский попал в криминальную историю

And all because of his lover – actress and model Olga Zueva.

The bride Kozlowski decided to become a Director. And here-here will begin filming the movie “district,” in which Danila Kozlovsky will play a major role.

The script for this film Emily Maier wrote itself. Narrate the picture is about criminal life of Vladivostok. And in the center of the plot will be two friends Dylan and kitty, who are working on a big shadow of authority, but gradually you begin to think about their future.

One of the criminal henchmen of the leader – CIMS – and will play Danila Kozlovsky. The role of the second friend will perform 34-year-old rapper Negativ, known to fans of the recitatives hits “Gravity” and “History of my illness. He writes the soundtrack of the film.

The main female role in the film Olga Zueva will fulfill itself – a pretty bold move, considering that before the movies, she didn’t. Yes, and the actor’s Luggage in it is relatively small. Probably lack of experience Olga hopes to offset the knowledge of the subject, because she was born and grew up in Vladivostok, so the post-Soviet realities for the majority of the port city she is well known. In any case, to support the project volunteered the famous Russian producer, movie company “Tsentral partnership” Ruben Dishdishyan.

The budget of the film about the criminal life of the seaside capital will amount to 65 million rubles. However, even Ruben Dishdishyan couldn’t find the full amount from private investors and appealed for help to the state.

Today it became known that the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation supported directorial debut with the Kozlowski in the lead role and allocate to shooting the missing 25 million. This was stated by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, adding “In the area” to the list of 26 projects that will receive financing through the Department.

It is expected that the shooting of the crime drama “the district” will start in Vladivostok in September.

By the way, Kozlovsky in a new picture of his fiancée not only play a major role, but will act as a co-producer as it was in the project “Status: free” where he starred together with her former classmate and colleague on the theatre by Elizabeth Boyar.

At the same time, Daniel plans in parallel to start your own project – a film about football. This film will tell about our best scorer of the national team Yuri Stoleshnikov, who at the decisive moment fails to convert his penalty, and ignominiously retiring. After a series of tests he will perform a miracle on a post of the trainer of a small football team.

However, this film should be released in 2018 – just in time for the world Cup. But the premiere of the crime drama “In the area” stated in the fall of 2017, so it is not excluded that for the sake of his girlfriend Daniel not only agreed to appear in a slightly atypical for themselves the criminal history of the social grassroots, but postponed its long-planned and hard-won project about football.

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