Супруга Стаса Костюшкина постриглась под мальчика
Julia showed subscribers a new haircut.

Julia Kostyushkin

Photo: @karapylka Instagram Yulia Kostyushkina

Wife of Stas Kostyushkin Julia decided on a radical change in appearance. The presenter changed her hairstyle and became the owner of a trendy boy cut”. The result of his experiment, Julia showed the fans in the microblog, posting a picture after visiting the salon.s

“First selfie of the new me! In addition to haircuts, there is more news and a very super cool, but… pull the suspense and tell you about it later!” she said. Among other things, to choose a new hairstyle she was assisted by her own fans. Julia knew that he wanted a short cut, but which could not decide. Therefore, the presenter asked for advice from subscribers, arranging on the page in social network voting for a new hairstyle.

Having said goodbye to hair, Kostyushkina, according to fans, he looked like a overseas singer Pink. “Cool! Very brave and cool! You very much! Wow!”, “Stunningly beautiful! Bravo!” commented fans.

How reacted her famous husband, Stas, the presenter has not yet confessed. However, judging by the fact that this year Kostyushkina celebrated the decade of happy married life, the husband always and in all supports Julia.

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