Организаторов концертов «Ленинграда» в Пензе и Саратове оштрафуют

Once again, the organizers of the concerts of the group “Leningrad“, which is not going to throw your @La of songs, forced to pay a fine for swearing, sounding. The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation said that in relation to the organizers of the concerts in Penza and Saratov composed of appropriate administrative protocols. These documents are sent to the courts of the above named cities for further consideration. The reason for the protocols received a complaint from a citizen, fine soul which hurts swearing in public places.Now organizers face a fine of 50 thousand rubles.

Concerts in Penza and Saratov were sold out. Sergey Shnurov once again said that he will sing according to its nature and, therefore, will continue to perform obscene songs. In the beginning of the month, the organizers of the concert in Novosibirsk was also paid 40 thousand rubles fine for “nature” the leader of the team.
We will remind that the law on the prohibition of the Mat in film, theater and concerts was signed by the President in 2014. Violation is punishable by a fine of from 2 to 200 thousand rubles, but Sergei Shnurov, who has repeatedly violated the law, not afraid of such amounts.

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