Дана Борисова показала обручальное кольцо The TV presenter once again going to marry. According to Dana Borisova, she met the man with whom is ready to spend the rest of my life. A couple bought an expensive engagement ring famous jewelry brand. The star has not yet reported the name of the new chosen one.

      After returning from the Crimea Dana Borisova started a new life. The presenter was able at leisure to let go of negative emotions, which caused her divorce with her husband Andrey Troshchenko. Famous blonde lived with a man for less than a year in the status of spouse. At the end of the spring court has officially terminated their marriage. Dana Borisova was freed from a failed marriage

      For a long time, Borisov was very upset by the breakup with Troshchenko. She stopped attending social events and put the pictures in his microblog. However, a few weeks ago, the star hinted that she had a new partner who understands and supports her. By the way, the name of a suitor she does not name, as not showing in the microblog joint frames with a lover.

      The fans were surprised by another post to the presenter. A woman posted a photo where her hand is decorated with expensive engagement ring Cartier. According to Borisova, exactly the same worn on the finger of her lover.

      “I hope they will bring joy to the last of our years. Friends, let me remind you, I am 40 years old my companion a little less. He loved me and wants to give all the best daughter in the Mix! It’s so nice!”, – shared details of his personal life Dana.

      The subscribers rushed to congratulate the bride and wish her great happiness. “Dana, I hope that you finally found happiness!”, “They say that first marriage to a woman to shock the second she arrived. So, now you must be happy, in other words – parade of love”, “Live girl, for myself, life is so short, enjoy it to the fullest”, “marry as you want, it’s actually cool, just a better man study” – supported the decision of the star readers her microblog.

      Recall that the first of the new chosen star spoke after her birthday. Borisov has openly declared that was celebrated in the company of the beloved. Then in the weeks leading says nothing about his personal life. In mid-July, she returned to Instagram and left a note for their subscribers.

      “Friends, forgive me that for so long was gone! After what happened, I’m a month off the phone and flew to mom Pauline in the Crimea, about much thought,” – said Borisov. Apparently, a kind of rebooting on vacation went to Dana, and she is again ready to plunge headlong into a love relationship.

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