Mom in Instagram: parents of stars to conquer social networks

Мама в «Инстаграме»: родители звезд покоряют соцсети “StarHit” will introduce you with the most vivid accounts of moms and dads of celebrities that have appeared in the social network. Mom Alena Vodonaevoy preparing interesting meals and shows pictures of cakes and cupcakes on the page, and the father of Olga Buzova shared with the subscribers touching family shots.

      Мама в «Инстаграме»: родители звезд покоряют соцсети

      Every year the social network “Instagram” register more and more Internet users. Many people prefer to share their emotions through pictures or short videos that can be accompanied by interesting and intriguing signatures, and specify the location where you took a particular shot. In social networks there is no age limit, so the accounts appear even in children. Gradually “Instagram” has mastered the elderly, among whom were many celebrities and their parents. Mom Alena Vodonaevoy and dad Olga Buzova had been watching the daughters ‘ lives, thumbing through the tape microblogging. “StarHit” will introduce you with the most vivid accounts of star moms and dads.

      Мама в «Инстаграме»: родители звезд покоряют соцсети

      Mom Alena Vodonaevoy – Larissa Vodonaeva

      The name of the social network: larisavodonaeva

      Number of subscribers: about 50 thousand

      Number of publications: 1 978

      About fifteen years ago, Larisa Vodonaeva became a food blogger. For these purposes, she made an account on Instagram. Very quickly the number of her followers reached tens of thousands. Mom presenter posted pictures of their cakes, sharing recipes and unobtrusive advertised homemade cakes. After some time Larissa has conducted several successful workshops.

      Now, however, her passion for the culinary business is a bit faded – photos from the master class last appeared about nine months ago, under the rare mouth-watering pictures of cakes – no prescriptions. But Larissa still actively answers questions from subscribers.

      Gradually, her blog began to read thousands of users of the social network. Mom Alena are unable to resist the urge to advertise certain products in the vastness of Instagram, but the mention of a particular brand is not evident when viewing her posts. In some records, the woman gives advice and shares his impressions from the purchase of cosmetics, clothing or furnishings. But mostly all pictures Larissa – it’s just beautiful pictures that bring joy to its subscribers, and, of course, on the page of women often flashed photos of daughter Alena and her beloved grandson Bogdan.


      Мама в «Инстаграме»: родители звезд покоряют соцсети

      The name of the social network: madamgalina27

      Number of publications: 12 publications

      Number of subscribers: 2 312

      The first entry in instagram 78-year-old Galina appeared in July 2014. Since then, she has posted only 12 posts. Among its subscribers are Iosif Prigozhin, Olga Orlova. Most often she posts photos from his travels, for example, one of the first photos that was taken during the holidays with the parents of the singer Dmitry Malikov, Yuri and Lyudmila. “With special warmth I recall the vacation with Malinovyi” – made signature Galina. Valery, Inna Malikova and Dmitry Malikov Junior left comments under this post star mom. By the way, Galina Nikolaevna – the advanced user’s Instagram – with ease putting active links to other users, thus marking them in the photos.

      The grandson Artem in his comments affectionately calls her “grandma” and puts the hearts, Inna Malikova “mother, Galya, darling”.

      Despite the innocent and cute account, fans were able to differ – I had a fight under the photo of Anna Shulgina. Galina has posted a charming photo of a granddaughter and signed “My dearest only grandchild, clever and beautiful”. Immediately began arguing how good it feels to read the rest of the children, but after a few questions and answers, everything fell into place – just Galina was referring to the granddaughter, not the grandchildren, Artemy and Arseny.

      Mother of actress Maria Kozhevnikova – Margarita

      Мама в «Инстаграме»: родители звезд покоряют соцсети

      The name of the social network: margosha954

      Number of publications: publications 123

      Number of subscribers: 5480

      The General picture Maria Kozhevnikova and her beautiful mother usually look like two sisters. “I admire you every second. Only the mother carries us through life: 9 months in the abdomen, the hands and life in your heart!”, – signed one of the pictures Maria.

      Kozhevnikova often recognized that they margaritas are very close. “All that I have, I owe to her. She’s so much soul and goodness I put in that otherwise could not be. Mom for me – the closest friend,” says the actress. And Margaret, his alternate, admits that she was lucky to have a child: “do I find it Hard to be a mother of Masha Kozhevnikova? Absolutely not. It was my pleasure”.

      On his page on instagram Margaret often puts photos of his beloved daughter, and sign them “tough guy”, “My love.” But sometimes forcing a little blush. For example, in June 2013, she posted a picture of Masha with her friend Ales Kacher, and in the background stood a tree. “And someone is a Christmas tree in June?” – asked the mother star. Maria almost immediately commented on the: “Mom, it’s no time to clean.” A close friend of the family Lada Fetisov opened another secret: “the Holiday is always with us! Ritwik, honey, remember we, too, stood until the summer, with a holiday to leave do not want, heredity”.

      Additionally, Margaret often puts baby photo of his daughter, photos from travels and wishes happy birthdays friends family: singer Zara, Vyacheslav and Lada Fetisova, Alice Kacher.

      Nine months ago, Margaret gave up his page in the social network, the latest photos published on 15 October last year. It favorite daughter Masha and Vitaly Gogunsky, tired after one of the rehearsals of the show “Without a net”. “How is miyelo”, “Ooty, Lord. Acne always Moshulu supports”, “Strength! They’d do it. The more still you for the support!” commented photo fans.

      Dad of TV presenter Olga Buzova – Igor Dmitrievich

      Мама в «Инстаграме»: родители звезд покоряют соцсети

      The name of the social network: ibuzov

      Number of publications: 44 publications

      Number of subscribers: 10,9 k

      The father of the TV project “House 2” has got a page in Instagram on 23 July 2015. First post men became the entry with a photo of Oli and Ani, which is the proud father briefly signed to “my dear Daughter!”. The easily scored more than twenty thousand likes and 136 comments.

      Every second article Igor D. dedicates Ola. On the eve of international women’s day there was a post: “Holy smoke! March 8 on the nose, and my daughter works! Annie, Olga, where the forces come from? Love you my beauty”.

      Many members left negative comments in the style: “Plow? Have pophali they would in the village, where from 6.00 to 21.00, or even later, plow, and still have time to cook dinner, and raise children, and the house order direct, so there really plow, and they just relax!” But such attacks Igor Dmitrievich did not even bother to answer. However, like other slippery topics: subscribers to the review has repeatedly tried to discuss living together parents Buzova or they broke up.

      Olga rarely publishes photos of the Pope. Sister, mother, grandmother and mother – their photographs frequently appear on the page of the presenter in the social network. And here is a photo of the father first appeared only in 2015.

      “A satisfied face. Daddy came to us on day #pendock”, signed Buzova picture.

      Mother Of Prokhor Chaliapin – Helena

      Мама в «Инстаграме»: родители звезд покоряют соцсети

      The name of the social network: lenaklezkina

      Number of publications: publications 478

      Number of subscribers: 4256

      Elena chose to make an account in Instagram closed. Maybe it happened after the event, when it became known to the shocking news. Mom prochor posted a photo of Anna Kalashnikova and signed: “My son with model Anya Kalashnikova that in a few months will give me a long-awaited grandson!”. And he then was married to a businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina.

      Prokhorov has already managed to make Anna an offer, to know that he is not the father of her son to break off the engagement and begin to communicate closely with Jana Gribkovo. Prokhor Shalyapin: “No wedding” And every time mom publishes their joint photo, fans commented on the choice of the singer: “Prokhor, she’s not yours! This girl was no good for you”, “Anya was better”, and some will continue to beg, “Mom, well, let the children come together, there’s nothing wrong with that first grandchild (son) is a non-native blood, but father is not one who begat, and who educated… They were happy.”

      If you rank the publications in the “instagrame” Helena, the first place goes to the son Prochorus, the second of psiii are wise sayings and quotes, and the third – Pets: tabby cat Michael and Tisha white.

      Mother Anastasia Volochkova – Tamara

      The name of the social network: avteatr

      Number of publications: 2 publications 123

      Number of subscribers: 9 409

      Tamara – the most advanced user of the network, “Instagram” among a stellar parent. Account women appeared in November 2014 on the initiative of her daughter Anastasia. She immediately warned that the mother is very vulnerable and close to my heart accepts all that is written about her. “She’s the one person who knew me the one and only true. Subscribe and read” — called Volochkova fans.

      The first time the dancer even gave advice Tamara Vladimirovna, for example, under one photo left a comment: “Though learned here to scribble. Let’s not be so dramatic, mom … There’s easier need. You had the account not be called Avatar and Tweetr, would be plausible.”

      “Instagram” Tamara Vladimirovna like an album of photographs from travels. Footage from St. Petersburg interspersed with views of Finland, and replaced the pictures from France, Italy and Estonia come images taken on tropical Islands. Most often she goes on trips with his beloved granddaughter Arish. Posting a picture, she always writes the correct name of the place, but rarely tells the history of this place. Often with gratitude, responding to comments, but this does not save her from subscribers that unflattering expressed in the address of her family or leave rude comments.

      Mother Anastasia Volochkova does not hurt his daughter and granddaughter. “They’re the best in the world, no offense to other moms who have the best children and grandchildren!”, – said Tamara Vladimirovna. Like sisters: young mothers stars and their secrets

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