Наталья Подольская не беременна The representative of the star commented on the rumors about the interesting position of the singer. “StarHit” learned that Natalia Podolskaya is not yet expecting her second child. The singer with her husband Vladimir Presnyakov and son Artemy rest in Sunny Spain.

      Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya is one of the most exemplary pairs in Russian show business. The couple have been together for more than ten years, and during that time artists were not given the slightest reason to doubt the sincerity of their relationship. Last year the stars of born lovely baby – son Artemy.

      Natalia and Vladimir, despite a heavy touring schedule, they still managed to find time to go on vacation with the whole family. The couple have chosen for summer travel Sunny Spain.

      During the last days of Podolsk actively shares with his fans pictures of Valencia, which travels family. In the pictures, the singer looks absolutely happy. Voluminous outfits Natalia for some reason caused some fans suspect that she is expecting her second child. Media published these allegations, citing the opinion of the followers of the star.

      Fans discuss the interesting position of Natalia Podolskaya

      “StarHit” know the truth about whether or not in the near future to wait for replenishment in the family Presnyakov and Podolsky.

      “Pregnancy is not” – said the “StarHit” the representative Natalia Anna Isaeva.

      Possible, rumors and pregnancy Podolski was caused by her appearance in the pictures from Spain. The fact that the star prefers to rest free style. She wears a wide sarafany, dresses, bells and capes, creating excessive volume and adds extra inches in the waist. With this visual effect subscribers “Instagram” Natalia might seem like she’s hiding under the clothes rounded tummy.

      In addition, in a recent interview with “StarHit” Vladimir Presnyakov has admitted that he dreams about her daughter. “We will work on this,” he promised his wife. It is not surprising that now fans of the star families are carefully looking at each new photo of the singer in the hope of seeing change.

      Vladimir Presnyakov: “Now I want a daughter”

      Podolsky with understanding and humor refers to the rapid deliberations in his microblog. “You are very beautiful the last time, I’m sure my daughter will”, “You are again in the situation! Great,” “pregnant Again, or I thought?” write to Natalia fans. However, the star prefers not to comment on these words.

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