Dana Borisova publicly appealed to daughter

Дана Борисова публично обратилась к дочери The presenter, who continues his rehab in Thailand, recorded a video for Polina. Dana Borisova said he was proud of successes of a girl who now studying in England. The presenter also explained to the heiress that she ought to live with his father.
Дана Борисова публично обратилась к дочери

At the moment, the TV presenter Dana Borisova is located in Thailand, recovering after severe dependence. On the YouTube channel of the head of the National anti-drug Union Nikita Lushnikov be video in which a celebrity talks about his stay in a foreign centre. The blonde recently publicly appealed to daughter. Dana Borisova: “Daughter does not want to communicate with me”

“Valeriya, native girl! I was very glad to hear from you three days ago. Thanks to your father Maxim, who gave us to talk to you. Probably, you thought about me is better to forget, because I made a lot of mistakes and I’m really to blame. But please don’t forget me. Daughter, you’ll realize that people can change and I have changed over this time,” – said Borisov in the video.

According to This, when she comes back, be sure to share with daughter thoughts. “This is humility, this is what I live and what I will not to use different substances. (…) I will write about this in his book “Obsession”, we’re talking about it”, – told the TV presenter. As noted by the star, that Pauline pushed her to engage in literary work.

In his address, Borisov also revealed that she doesn’t have access to a mobile phone. “I only gave him in Malaysia, and I got you to call,” explained Dana Pauline. Apparently, the celebrity sincerely proud of the successes of girls, education is now engaged in which father Maxim Aksenov. The heiress Borisova studying in England, and attends training in tennis.

“I said, “You will return and return Pauline”. I have no such goal is to take the Maxim of Pauline. She has a very good dad, I’m glad he took it that he now lives with her. (…) Go and stay with my dad, and I will change and get better and better. When all is well and I’m confident that I’ll be a good mom, will tell you many interesting things, then I’ll go back to Moscow and we’ll see you around. I love you very much, my dear. Your mum”, – with these words, the star turned to her daughter.

We will add that not so long ago Nikita Lushnikov gave a Frank interview to journalists, which stated that Dana Borisova considering suicide. According to the man, TV presenter sent him a message, which talked about attempts to step out on the balcony to commit suicide. In recent months, says Lushnikov, a celebrity was going through a very difficult period. The state of the stars was further aggravated by the fact that she was left alone with their problems.