Жительница Челябинска требует 3 миллиона за воспитание чужого ребенка Zoe tuganova intends to seek justice. Many years ago in the perinatal center doctors have mixed up two baby girls. As a result, their fate has absolutely different: one made a fine career, and the other was in an orphanage.
Жительница Челябинска требует 3 миллиона за воспитание чужого ребенка

In Chelyabinsk has begun hearings on the case of Zoe Tuganova revolted with actions of employees of the regional perinatal center. 30 years ago two girls with similar names – to Tuganov and Tulegenova – gave a stranger my parents. The result is Kate and Lucius didn’t grow up in their families. The substitution was discovered only now. Zoya Antonovna found biological daughter Catherine in social networks and did a DNA test. It turned out that they match 99.9%.

His daughter Tuganova was taken to the village Karakol of the Republic of Bashkortostan, in a family Tulegenovich. The child’s father could not accept the emergence of the family of a little girl of Slavic appearance and began to suspect the wife of infidelity. In a fit of jealousy he killed Russian neighbor after the feast. The tragic incident was a heavy blow for the girl’s mother Elvira, she began to abuse alcohol. After some time I hang Lucy was taken to an orphanage where she lived until adulthood.

Жительница Челябинска требует 3 миллиона за воспитание чужого ребенка

The fate of Catherine has developed quite differently. A foreign heir, who was raised Zoya Antonovna, did not show claims to the hospital. On his page in the social network of Catherine called the situation “tragic coincidence”. According to the young woman, she is not going to go to court, as raised in love and care. Biological daughter Tulegenovich got two degrees and have great careers.

“I feel that the accents were placed correctly, so that justice in this situation still prevailed. Moral damages for what happened needs to be paid to my mother and Lucia, I don’t mean this personally, as, thank God, I have a “ground”. Must also be raised about the fact that children leaving the orphanage have not received decent housing, which by law is owed to them. And, of course, have to be punished everyone involved in this extraordinary situation,” said Catherine.
Жительница Челябинска требует 3 миллиона за воспитание чужого ребенка

Daughter Tulegenovich also shared his version of the events. According to Catherine, Lucius grew up not poor, as was previously announced. A young woman claims that she was in “an ordinary rural family with good incomes, by the standards of the Soviet era even with the high: they had cattle, and transport, and everything you need in the house.”

She also said that her biological mother was a member in his village, then moved and worked as a milkmaid. The head of the family Tulegenovich also tried to work to provide for his family.

Жительница Челябинска требует 3 миллиона за воспитание чужого ребенка“Everything started to fall apart, year after year, when there was a substitution. (…) Each strove “tyknut finger” to the mother that she is a whore and work up the child from the Russian. (…) It’s spawned scandals in the family… Inappropriate behavior and that the most terrible – crime crime (according to rumors, the father took the life of a Russian man who, according to local residents, was the alleged father of Lucy)… Then when father went to prison, mother has fallen even more pressure from neighbors and she’s not mentally cope with the situation”, – she wrote.

Young woman stressed that does not justify the actions of their biological parents, “but it all happened happened.” According to Catherine, “the primary reason was someone’s fatal mistake and negligence of staff”.

At the moment, both young women under 30 years, and they are happy mothers. However, the biological daughter Tuganova, who grew up in an orphanage, very constrained financial situation. According to some, she is deaf, so as a child it was treated from the disease, resulting in complications.

According to one, Zoya Antonovna estimated his moral damages of 30 million, but other media reports that tuganova intends to seek payment in the amount of three million rubles. At the hearing it came along with his daughter Lucie Tulegenova.

As journalists, the judge has not yet made the decision to start consideration of the claim on the merits. He stated that further evidence is needed. As a result, the meeting was postponed to July 28, the correspondent.

In preparing the article used materials of the information Agency “Mega-Ural”, GTRK Bashkortostan, REN TV.