Солист группы «Отпетые мошенники» защищает семью от опасной фанатки Sergey Amoralov surprised unhealthy interest groupies. The band “dirty rotten scoundrels” was very popular 20 years ago. Musicians with nostalgia the days when they had to go to all sorts of tricks in order to lead a normal life.
Солист группы «Отпетые мошенники» защищает семью от опасной фанатки

At the end of the ‘ 90s songs of the band “dirty rotten scoundrels” knew by heart most of the young people. Their hits “love me, Love me”, “any Differently”, “don’t tell me nothing” has enjoyed immense popularity. Soloists Sergey Amoralov (real name Sourovenko – approx. “StarHit”), Vyacheslav Zinurov, Igor Bogomazov attracted the attention of many girls who wanted only one thing: to some of the artists drew attention to them. The fans were on duty literally around the clock at the houses of musicians.

Now soloists of the group have accepted that will not cause such a stir with his appearance as it was 20 years ago. Nevertheless, the echoes of past glory sometimes felt. Not so long ago Sergey’s wife Amoralov threatened one of his admirers.

“Was the girl in “Instagram” started to write “love” and all that, I deleted it. So she started my wife to write nasty things, like “I’ll meet you at the door.” Wife on this subject was always quiet, but then really scared. I said, “man, what is this nonsense? Well, I’m not 17 years old.” Drove it a long time ago…” – said the musician.

Now the band “dirty rotten scoundrels” continues to work and release new songs. In 2011, their composition was replaced by the soloist – Igor Bogomazov left the band and in his place came Andrei Repnikov. Musicians don’t get upset that now crowds of fans are not precipitated their porches.

“And earlier, and children came, saying, here is your baby. I even looked to see something similar. Passed. Another internal state. And I’m not that sorry artists, but sometimes it is not clear when they worry that they have the Windows fans are not, like life is over. Was this stage in life is great, we have pleasure. Now the other stage.” – says Sergei.

The artists recall with nostalgia the time when they were at the peak of popularity. Sergey admitted conversation with the correspondent of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” that in the late 90s, they had to go to stealth to avoid encounters with groupies. They were rescued by a friend who had a similar car. He drove up to the house, fans ran to meet him, and the musicians themselves through the roof had to go to another entrance and get in the invisible car.