Скончалась племянница Греты Гарбо

Died the only heir to the legendary actress Greta Garbo and her niece gray Gustafson Reisfield. The woman was 85 years old. She’s the last person I saw and talked with the Hollywood diva, winner of the title — the most famous actress of the first half of the twentieth century.

As told by the son of the heiress of Greta Garbo Derek Reisfield, his mother died during an attack of pneumonia at his home in California Marin County. Between gray Gustafson Reisfield and a famous actress was a big age difference. Despite this, women found a common language and could communicate. Reisfeld believed Garbo’s best friend and a wonderful woman.
According to Derek Reisfield, his mother was highly respected Greta, because she has achieved everything herself and did it my way. Gray described the actress as an extremely independent and determined woman. In her memoirs, ladies of that period were not such, therefore, Garbo stood out against their background. On the one hand it prevented the actress, because she did not become happy in his personal life, was not realized, as a mother, on the other hand, it gave her the love of millions and immortal memory. Niece of actress all my life wanted to be like his aunt.
Swedish and American actress Greta Garbo never married and had no children. She was in love once in his partner in the film “flesh and the devil”, a young handsome John Gilbert. However, the relationship didn’t last, the couple broke up. Since Greta did not make up novels. She belongs to the legendary phrase: “I just want to be alone”.
From the movie the actress went to the peak of his fame and asked him to leave her alone. After that, Garbo rarely left the house and became a recluse. 50 years she spent in isolation, communicating only with close friends. In 1990, Greta Garbo did not. All her inheritance, and its extent no one knows, a great actress bequeathed to his niece gray.
Have grey Gustafson Reisfield left three sons, a daughter, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild.