Участница «Дома-2» ужаснула последствиями пластики Maria Kohno posted pictures after the surgery. The heroine of the popular reality show fell under the knife of the surgeon to correct the nasal septum, and at the same time to slightly change its shape. The girl complained of feeling ill.
Участница «Дома-2» ужаснула последствиями пластики

It is no secret that many of the participant “House-2” often resort to plastic surgery to correct the appearance. Maria Kohno appeared on the project in December last year and did not miss the occasion to go under the surgeon’s knife. She said that some time ago was injured in the crash. According to the participants of the reality show, she had a deviated septum, but because she had trouble breathing. At the same time, Maria decided to change the shape of the nose. The girl shared photographs after surgery and told about his condition.

“To breathe is absolutely nothing that throws you into shock and starts to panic, as when scuba diving, and, most importantly, understand that nothing can be done, as in tampons and pull them out only on the third day. So all night I was sitting, and swelling in the eyes, increased sharply at night start to feel dizzy. Fortunately, while walking down the corridor, me at the time picked up. In my head, swelling in the nose as if a nuclear explosion was, under the eyes – all colors the pain of broken dreams,” said Kohno.

Followers backed Maria after surgery. They wished her a speedy recovery. Now the followers are eagerly waiting when she removed the bandages to assess the result of grafting. “Honey, what you do not like your nose? Honey, hold on, we’re with you,” “Mary, be patient, time has gone such a step. Everything will be fine”, “Sun, Lord, I feel sorry for you. Look and realize that you, in General, strong girl. Get well soon, good,” “Mary, hold on! And get well soon! Without you, the project is not the same!” – wrote the user Network.

Despite the fact that the girl went to the project in search of the second half, she still can’t accept the breakup with the ex-spouse. It never ceases to emphasize the fact that it is heavy in separation. Now the reality star meets with Roman Gritsenko, who hopes to change it. Participant of “House-2” is trying to steal Vlad Kadono family

“I think tonight was the worst night of my life, not counting the one when I knew that the last time we sleep in the same bed with my husband, whom I love more than life, and from which in the morning will be gone forever (…) as for nose – in General, the physical pain I experience is much easier than mental,” admitted Maria.