Жена Григория Лепса смирилась с его тяжелой зависимостью The wife of a musician it is important that he recognizes the existence of the problems themselves. Anna Leps says that the singer is struggling with alcoholism, which affects many years. Grigory Leps is always and everywhere accompanied by a personal doctor.
Жена Григория Лепса смирилась с его тяжелой зависимостью

July 16, the famous musician and producer, mentor show “the Voice” Grigory Leps will be 55 years old. On the eve of the anniversary of one of the most loved by the public actor, the First channel showed a documentary film “Grigory Leps. On a sloping upwards”.

The musician has never hidden that is far from ideal that it constantly goes to war with the demons. But apparently, millions of fans love him for being honest with them and yourself.

A few years ago, Grigory Leps has openly admitted that many years struggling with alcoholism. In the film, he confirmed that this fight is not over.

“There are people who know how to drink, there are those who do not know how. I belong to the second – not able to drink enough. I have had several occasions when I went on stage no. But I never allowed myself not to finish or work poorly. Always tried to do everything to the best of their physical capabilities,” – said Grigory Leps.
Жена Григория Лепса смирилась с его тяжелой зависимостью

For seventeen years next to Gregory is constantly his beloved wife Anna. The young woman was able to adopt the Leps as he is. She was sympathetic to the fact that the musician is seldom at home, and supports the spouse in his struggle with addiction. Wife of Grigory Leps told about his romantic exploits

Жена Григория Лепса смирилась с его тяжелой зависимостью“He’s in that age now is when you take your positive and negative qualities, — says the wife of Grigory Leps, Anna. — When you accept yourself for who you are. But for me, it’s actually very important, because to name it is as a step to success. Struggle, Yes, he is all the time a struggle. He is honest to yourself.”
Жена Григория Лепса смирилась с его тяжелой зависимостью

In the film Grigory Leps said that is under the constant supervision of doctors. “A lot of work, don’t have time to recover, so I carry all the time doctor always some infusion, some kind of transfusion, some drugs, some IV drips, it happens all the time to keep in shape,” – said the musician.

The famous actor admitted that he is very thankful to his mother Natella Lepsveridze. According to him, she bore him several times. “Once physically and a few times pulled out from the world”, – said Grigory Leps.

Natella Lepsveridze this has become a guardian angel son. When many years ago he was in intensive care with a diagnosis of pancreatic necrosis and chances to survive almost was not, saved a mother’s love. “Roughly speaking, I had gangrene of the pancreas. And if not for mom, I would not now in this world” – confessed musician. To treat the child, Natella sold the apartment.

Grigory Leps speaks often that am thankful because it gave him the chance to meet those whom he met. Those who helped him. Now he like gives duty, trying to do what he can. Grigory Leps helps churches, sick children, charity auctions.