Юлия Салибекова назвала истинные причины развода сестры Ekaterina Kolisnichenko has recently broke up with her husband. Now she spends her spare time doing yourself. Her cousin Julia Alibekova frankly told “StarHit” about the factors that affected it.
Юлия Салибекова назвала истинные причины развода сестры

About the severance of relations between the star of “House-2” Ekaterina Kolisnichenko and her lover Nikita kapelush the public became aware in September last year. A businesswoman herself shared with fans of bad news in social networks. After, in an interview, the blonde admitted that she divorced with her husband due to problems in intimate life.

But as it turned out, it was not the only reason. Sister girls – Julia Alibekova – told “StarHit” that man has largely restricted his beloved, the conditions set and was unworthy. She also noted that the return to her ex-husband, Kate is not going to.

Юлия Салибекова назвала истинные причины развода сестры “There were a lot of unpleasant moments. He did mostly himself. My sister was not allowed to do plastic surgery. Perhaps that is why after the divorce, she ran quickly and did what they wanted. Now, look at all the beauty: I went to the gym pumped up tummy, did buttocks – all neat and sexy. Kate recently went to relax, now engaged, going to salons. I don’t know if he even loves her,” says Salibekov.

Julia also remembered that for Nikita once she had a fight with my sister, then cousin even stopped to chat. As it turned out, Kolisnichenko supported her husband in his opinion only as a sign of solidarity. Now young women had resumed intercourse.

“Then he told about Tigran lot of nasty things. While we he did not do anything wrong. He even on our family holidays so badly behaved! Could come without a gift boys, rude to leave the festivities or not come at him at all. Of course, we stopped to chat. Then, after a while, Kate said that I didn’t agree with him, but did not want to quarrel,” said Julia, “StarHit”.

It is worth noting that after a difficult breakup, the life of Catherine Kolisnichenko really changed much. The girl regularly visits beauty salons, engaged in the development of their own business. However, not always finds time for family. Salibekov admitted that the sister often refuses to sit with nephews – Roland and Eldar – because they do not want to get up early and go to the region. Despite this, Julia takes the complex nature of the relative. She stressed that, despite all the differences, considers her a close person.