The mother of Sergei Bezrukov worried about his condition

Мама Сергея Безрукова переживает за его состояние The parents of famous artist believe that he burns himself at work. Natalia Bezrukova admitted that they stopped going to some of the performances of the son, because it’s hard for her to watch as he is laid out on the stage.
Мама Сергея Безрукова переживает за его состояние

Famous actor Sergei Bezrukov and his charming wife, stage Director Anna matison on Saturday, July 15 are the main heroes of the program “a Perfect repair” on the First channel. However, contrary to the expectations of the viewers, the star couple did not engage in upgrading their homes. Sergei and Anna turned to leading a “Perfect repair” Natasha Barbier to help Martha and Mary convent, with which they cooperate for a long time, to equip a game room for children with severe forms of cerebral palsy.

Until the monastery was renovated, colleagues and friends of Sergei Bezrukov told the program about how he’s a wonderful person and truly talented artist.

Мама Сергея Безрукова переживает за его состояние

In 2013, Sergei Bezrukov there was one more very important thing. In the Moscow region was established the Provincial drama theatre, and Sergey V. became its artistic Director.

Colleagues and fans of the doctor know that he is a real workaholic. He works at the limit, and it is very worried his mother. Natalia admitted that they can’t watch some of the performances of the son, which is laid out on stage so that she starts to feel pain.

“I do not go on his “Bully” – said the mother of Sergei Bezrukov in an interview with “Perfect repair”. – This is the voltage. Such a waste of energy, and I just pain solid. No joy”.

Father Sergey Bezrukov, the actor himself, with a great understanding for the demand of the son. The program showed an excerpt from the film “Sergey Bezrukov. Success does not forgive” in 2013, in which a man spoke about the work of the heir.

“He actually burns himself. Once Sergei told me: “Dad, that came about a thousand people in the hall, and if I haven’t given them, they will feel it, and I will have pangs of conscience”, – explained the position of the son Vitaly.

It is worth noting that Sergey Bezrukov, was held not only as an actor and artistic Director of the theatre. He is also terrific and caring father one-year-old daughter Masha. Sergey Bezrukov touching congratulated year-old daughter

Charming heir to a July 4, 2016, the actor gave his wife Anna matison. According to fans, Sergey V. is able to combine her acting career and parental responsibilities. The artist is not afraid to take little Masha on tour, because he doesn’t want to be separated from family even for a day.