Дана Борисова боится вернуться к тяжелой зависимости The TV presenter constantly surrounded by temptations. However, Dana Borisova tries to stay away from low places and people which can have bad influence on her. Now the star of the hardest given abstinence from alcohol.

Now, almost a year Dana Borisova desperately struggling with addictions. The young woman managed to abstain from alcohol and illegal substances. According to the presenter, she even has restricted the consumption of coffee.

Despite the huge power of will, the star still constantly faced with temptations. Recently she even admitted that due to the amount of alcohol in supermarkets and in restaurants, she’s afraid in the end to break.

“Been sober for 11 months. Ready to be tested for alcohol and drugs, to prove that clean. Honestly, I’m most afraid of failure for alcohol, drugs, forgotten the theme, there is no fear,” said the presenter.

Now Dana is trying not only to stay healthy, but also for their environment. TV presenter admitted that she stopped to chat with old friends who abused alcohol or drugs. Now she’s trying by all means to take the life of any temptations.

Star imposes severe requirements and potential lover. “I most importantly, sober, without harmful habits. Early in my period of sobriety to communicate with drunk people. After rehabilitation the year in General it is recommended not to have any relations”, – said Dana.

A young woman tries to completely change their life. That’s why they worked to rebuild the relationship with her mother. Informed cousin repeatedly argued, as their views on the situation with the dependence of This differed. Now the star is trying to resurrect the trust in communicating with the parent.

“Very hard, from scratch, but to build relationships. I blamed the fact that she fed me pills. My mom is codependent. She didn’t want to get well, she wanted to go and earn money. But now I see that mom has changed a lot and we can easily communicate,” said the presenter.

According to This, it has long been tired from the week that surrounds it. Now the young woman wants more than anything to see my daughter, closely having been engaged in her upbringing. In an interview with “KP” Borisov admitted that he is confident in his recovery and will do everything possible, but would not go back to bad habits.