Светлана Лобода о беременности: «Я благодарна небу за этот подарок» The singer confirmed that is expecting her second child. According to Svetlana Loboda, she plans to take a maternity leave but will return to the stage in June. The star has admitted that he is very long dreamed to become a mother again.
Светлана Лобода о беременности: «Я благодарна небу за этот подарок»

Last week it became known that one of the sexiest singers, a 35-year-old Svetlana Loboda, the second time will become a mother. The child’s father called the soloist of German group Rammstein – 55-year-old till Lindemann. About the interesting position of the actress became known in the prize Heat. A week she kept silent, but now decided to dot the “i”.

“I am very pleased today to be part of this celebration. I want to thank my fans, spectators, organizers, my team, which for so many years with me. This year was filled with memorable moments, and in my life it has become a landmark. I’m leaving on a little vacation to record a new album and to prepare an entirely new show, which we’ll show in October. Concerts will be a lot.

And I’m off to prepare for the most important event in every woman’s life – the birth of the baby. For me it is a great miracle, and I thank the heavens for this gift, and you, friends, for your love and your recognition! Yes, will get back to you in June!” – admitted Loboda.

Recall that before the onset of the 2018 new year the actress has hinted that he wants to have a second child. According to star, her daughter eve have long dreamed of a brother or sister. “I would really like more time to spend with her, to try to balance busy schedule and find a way to be near the child to monitor their achievements. And, of course, it would be great if Eva has a baby brother. I think we’re ready!” – told the star.