Dana Borisova evicts ex-wife from the apartment

Дана Борисова выселяет экс-супруга из квартиры The presenter tries to find a former lover, who is still registered to her address. Celebrity hopes that the man will Wake up consciences, and he appears to remove himself from the register.

      In July 2015, the TV presenter Dana Borisova and got married with businessman Andrey Troshchenko. After 8 months, the man without explanation left the house, having stolen the personal car of the wife. After this action was Given immediately filed for divorce. But about a former lover resembled propiska at her apartment.

      “On paper he cohabits with me already a year − says the “StarHit” Borisov. But it is not, it and the spirit there. Therefore, I plan to write Tishchenko in the near future. We have long been not keep in touch. I the slightest have no idea where he is now. I even have mobile numbers it is not. Of course, I’ll try asking around friends to gave him of my intentions. Already learned that Andrew will have to sign only some papers. You want a human being to solve the case. But if you can’t find Tishchenko, will have to go to court. Let them help me to remove Andrew from the register”.

      Marriage presenter with Troshchenko actively discussed in the press before the lovers decided to get married. The fact is that the man was in a relationship with another woman at the time when he met Borisov. Is the celebrity confessed that this fact did not bother, because in the family of her lover at the time was not all smooth. As it turned out, Andrew was holding back a lot of important things and her own.

      Dana Borisova and Andrey Troshchenko: why actually broke up the marriage

      After the rupture of these relations, the Network got personal photos of the stars. Dana Borisova linked the incident with desire for her ex-lover to take revenge by putting her intimate photos for everyone to see. However, determine whether this is so in fact, the presenter failed. Celebrity has created a new mailbox, which she would like to believe, is not subject to attack by hackers. “I set a password that one choose can not! – says TV presenter. Now I read on the Internet how to protect all their resources and social networks from hacking, to use all opportunities to improve safety.”