Fans worried about a pregnant Stotsky, fell from the stairs

Поклонники переживают за беременную Стоцкую, упавшую с лестницы The expectant mother was injured during the fashion show. Anastasia Stotskaya, who is expecting a second baby, told about the incident that happened to her at a social event. Actress and singer, who is at a decent time, head over heels rolled down the stairs.

      The star of the musicals Anastasia Stotskaya is preparing a second time to become a mother. Baby actress and her husband, restaurateur Sergei will be born in early may. Anastasia, who is already at a fairly decent period of pregnancy, continues to lead an active life and goes into light.

      However, a visit on the eve of a fashion show almost turned into a tragedy for Stotsky and her unborn child. At some point, a young woman accidentally slipped and fell down the stairs. About what happened with her accident during a loud social events Anastasia Stotskaya said in microblogging. The expectant mother about the incident with her inherent sense of humor, because in the end everything went without serious consequences.

      “I flew head over heels from the ladder, – has told Stotsky subscribers. But nothing happened, only the skinned knee. Because they do not figure the puzatiki to go on a secular activities”.

      Fans of pregnant Anastasia Stotskaya, who learned about the incident with her, not a little agitated. They are asking the actress to be careful and take care of yourself and the unborn child. “Nastya, be careful!”, “Be careful! When I was pregnant, too, flew down the stairs,” “Careful, take care of yourself and baby”, “don’t scare everyone. Thank God nothing happened,” “Nightmare! Take care, you two”, “We are worried and love you very much”, “Wow, Anastasia, how are you feeling? Is everything okay?”, “Honey, how are you? All right? Take care of yourself, please,” – worried about Anastasia Stotskaya her fans.

      But apparently, the expectant mother is in order. After the post about the incident at a fashion show Anastasia Stotskaya published a few posts. They are all in a positive tone.

      We will remind, “StarHit” the first told about the pregnancy Anastasia Stotskaya in December last year. And when an interesting position to hide became impossible, the actress showed her tummy and the subscribers of his microblog. Pregnant Stotskaya showed changes shape

      Not long ago, the star unveiled the gender of the future baby. Stotsky gave to understand that again expecting a boy. The singer posted a photo of the eldest son Sasha riding a child’s rocking horse, saying that it was a gift for her unborn baby. At the same time the child that will be born, Anastasia Stotskaya spoke in the masculine gender.