Ольга Бузова дала совет Дмитрию Тарасову TV presenter surprised fans another post on the social network. The woman posted footage footage from the television program, and at the captions left congratulations to my ex-husband on the anniversary.

      Fans of Olga Buzova still worried about her condition. They repeatedly expressed the view that the presenter is still unable to forget her painful divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov. Last month, the celebrity managed to give a number of extensive interviews and participation in various talk shows, which share the most cherished. Becoming the heroine of the program “Male/female” on the First channel, Buzova told leading Alexander Gordon and Julia Baranovskaya about their own experiences. During the broadcast, was shown a fragment of an interview in which the footballer Dmitry Tarasov, while still married to Olga, admitted that grateful to destiny for meeting with teledelay. This episode of the transfer, the aspiring singer posted on his account, thus referring to the ex-lover. She congratulated him on his anniversary..

      Alexander Gordon sharply expressed in the address of Olga Buzova

      In the present videootryvke Tarasov claims that Buzova appreciates most in life. According to him, she helped him through a really hard time. During the telecast the statements of the athlete brought the leading “House-2” to tears. Obviously, it was extremely difficult to hear such revelations of a football player after all that happened between them. However, she found the strength to leave kind words addressed to ex-husband on the eve of his holiday.

      “I wish him 30 years to finally learn to appreciate the important things in his life,” wrote Kim on Instagram.

      Note that the post of the presenter caused controversy on the Network. Some began to support Olga and to Express words of sympathy. They believe that the woman was absolutely right, congratulating ex-wife with round date. Fans do not hide that Buzova tried to hurt Tarasova, but justifies her action by the fact that a celebrity wanted to show man that true to its principles. “Well done, Olga, did congratulated!”, “No turning back! Very nice of you, appreciate yourself and just be happy that fate has not brought out together”, “why not congratulate? 30 years after all. Maybe even begin to understand what I was doing wrong all this time” – spoken by members.

      Olga Buzova first told hysterics after divorce

      By the way, not all fans of the star was delighted with her action. Found among the commentators are those who believe absolutely meaningless to congratulate the former Deputy with a birthday. They recognize that Buzova hard to overcome yourself and not to Express an opinion about the incident, but they recommend her to finally begin a new stage in life.

      “Olga, Yes you start to live your life. He doesn’t care like. He’s got a new attitude!”, “I don’t understand why so itself to torment? You need to let go and all people without a difference, the tears on your face or a smile”, “Buzova, forward to new heights. You have a lot of fans, just primates, maybe your Prince is next?” said followers in Instagram.

      Recall that according to Olga the reason for her breakup with Dmitry Tarasov was the betrayal. It soon became clear that the other woman of the pair was Anastasia Kostenko. The first time the player avoided conversations on the topic of a new relationship, but now man admits connection with the model.