Numerologist: “romanet and Gusev broke up because of sexual incompatibility”

Нумеролог: «Романец и Гусев расстались из-за сексуальной несовместимости» Clara Kuzenbaeva made a prediction for the future of the ex-participants “Houses-2”. According to the woman, the lovers initially, each other did not fit, and eventually themselves understood it. The expert is sure that Anton Gusev will soon find another girl that will be able to make him happy.

      Нумеролог: «Романец и Гусев расстались из-за сексуальной несовместимости»

      The news that former members of “House-2” Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev is no longer the pair shocked their fans. Celebrities have been together since last fall, and their relationship seemed ideal. Anton I gifted Victoria luxury bouquets and expensive presently, and vetch in their social networks was not ashamed to admit Gusev in love. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva studied dates of birth of young people and found out why they broke up.

      “Anton was born in “the Day of professional instability,” says Clara. His life code – 3811247 means that he is a victim of fate and a universal favorite. Anton loves to flirt and will not pass any pretty girls, not to compliment her. He is inclined to fantasize and exaggerate, though he sincerely believes in his own notion. Gusev ambitious person, proud and adamant guy. It is unlikely, after parting with the girl, he would beg her on the return…

      Нумеролог: «Романец и Гусев расстались из-за сексуальной несовместимости»

      …Hoarding at its core, it is used when all attention is riveted to him. This quality prevent him from recklessly love romanet, which, even if judged by the number of subscribers in the same Instagram more popular and more famous Anton (426 thousand subscribers Gusev vs 1, 9 million from the Wiki) He needs a girl who always admired his talents, and Victoria, according to her code of life – 257235 – this role is not very suitable”.

      According to the expert, and Anton, and Victoria, need constant attention and compliments. But at some point they realized that they lacked something. Vic Romanets: “Anton and I are not a couple anymore!”

      “Self-sufficient and confident, romanet used to hear compliments in your address, and not to tell them herself. In their relations Anton suffered from lack of attention and praise. Young people have completely different lines of sexuality. For Anton sex is a sport, but for the Wiki – art. Due to the different approach to sex couple cannot come to a common denominator. In the end, the wick, which lacked the tenderness and attention of a partner, decided to end their relationship, which, frankly, were originally doomed, young people are too different to be together. But Anton long one will not. In his mind there is the image of an ideal lady, and this year he will meet a girl that corresponds to his needs”.