Dakota fanning talked about the signs of attention from Tom cruise

Дакота Фаннинг рассказала о знаках внимания со стороны Тома Круза

Dakota, Fanning only 22 years old. At this age many actors just starting the first climb to the top of the lava, but the Dakota in my years managed to climb above and beyond their same age.

Fanning had the opportunity to work with Hollywood stars, among which was Tom cruise.

Acquaintance of Tom and Dakota was held in 2005 at the filming of “war of the worlds”. Since then, actors friendship. Despite the employment of both, and fanning, and Cruz find time for communication. And That manifested itself in an unexpected way. For the past 11 years, he gives his young friend shoes, thereby adding to her collection.

“He sends me presents on my birthday every year since I was eleven”, the actress confessed in an interview. “Very beautiful gifts. I always thought “Well, I guess when I turn 18, he’ll stop sending me gifts. Well, when I turned 21″. But he does it every year. It’s really cute.”