Khloe Kardashian agrees with Lamrim by Odom divorce

Хлоя Кардашьян договаривается с Ламром Одомом о разводе

The marriage of TV star Khloe Kardashian and basketball player Lamar Odom is nearing completion. The couple have already agreed to accelerate the divorce process and will soon become a free people. The couple agreed on the terms of separation and divided the estate.

“Each of them is ready to live his life and end the marriage. Due to legal red tape until December of this year, they are officially not divorced, because under California law the judge can’t sign the divorce papers earlier than six months after the submission of the application, and Khloe filed for divorce in may” — said the insider.
Recall that the first time Kardashian got a divorce in December 2013 after only four years of their marriage, tired of carousing and cheating husband. But Lamar didn’t want bred and otherwise hiding from Chloe, did not respond to her calls and messages. Tired of fighting for their freedom, TV let things slide.
In October 2015 Lamar almost killed in one of the brothels of Nevada, mixing Viagra and alcohol. He was urgently hospitalized and put into a medical coma. Heart Chloe trembled, and she rushed over to him. Until the last day in the hospital, she strongly supported him, but Odom did not appreciate such a step, and only one was actually relapsed. Then it became clear that the reunification of spouses may not be considered. Chloe insisted that Lamar needs treatment, but he didn’t want to do that. However, now friends of the former athlete’s claim that he undertook the head and a month does not drink alcohol.