Jim Parsons will take the series of eight scientists locked up in the Biosphere

Джим Парсонс снимет сериал о восьми ученых, запертых в Биосфере

For the past 10 seasons, CMI Parsons plays the brilliant physicist Sheldon Cooper in the TV series “the big Bang Theory”. Sitcom shows us the life of American scientists, both working and personal.

Apparently, akin to his character, Parsons is not willing to part with it, and therefore looking for new projects, which again would be affected by the research activities.

The search for Jim proved to be successful. Today, the Internet is the resource Deadline announced that actor and producer Parsons is taken to move on small screens the novel of the famous writer Tom Coraghessan Boyle, in which we are talking again about the scientists. This time eight of them.

In the heart of the book is a real experiment “Biosphere 2” — the attempt to simulate a closed ecological system in the artificial environment. The real Biosphere in Arizona built by American billionaire Edward bass.

The writer of the project will be Zach helm. The production of the series takes on Warner Bros. and the company Parsons That’s Wonderful Productions.

Release date of the series is not specified.