Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky was found with the baby on the ultrasound

Дакота и Влад Соколовский встретились с ребенком на узи The singer and her husband met little. Dakota said that he had experienced in the moment when they are with Vlad Sokolovsky went to the doctor and have experienced these happy moments. Replenishment in star family will happen at the end of the year.

Vlad Sokolovsky and his wife is one of the most beautiful couples of the Russian show-business. News about replenishment in star family caused a storm of emotions among fans and musicians themselves flunked a nice review. On 3 June, the second anniversary of the marriage of Rita spoke about one of the most touching moments in her life.

“I think the wedding is the happiest moments of your life, until suddenly weak pink stripe doesn’t show up on the test next to the first. Until suddenly in the office of the UZI he’s holding your hand and watching for the first time by those huge blue eyes, full of unimaginable, infinite love, someone other than you, on a monitor, where he answered waving a tiny stick,” says the artist about his emotions.

Surprise for the singer’s fans was the fact that on 3 June 2007 the couple met during the selection for the “star Factory 7”. Rita says that he remembers the first time I saw Vlad and spoke to him. We will remind, the actors began to meet immediately: within a few years they became friends, which later developed into a romantic relationship.

“Exactly two years ago around this time we put a signature in the registry office. And an hour later stood in the temple at gunpoint a couple of dozen native eyes filled with tears of happiness, and swore each other eternal love “wealth and poverty”, and malleable wax fell on the white tulle” – Frank tells Dakota about the important occasion.

Fans rushed to congratulate the idols, along the way noting how harmonious their Union. “Rita and Vlad, you guys are great”, “I Congratulate You on an important date! Very touching! Let Your boat grows, the family is growing, growing, thriving, Happiness and great love, like the same 50 and 100 years, and the more kids you”, commented subscribers post Dakota.

More recently it became known that Rita is expecting a child. Both for her and for Vlad, the baby will be born first. Fans of the singer have long suspected that their idol is in an interesting position, but Dakota did not confirm the rumors. Now the young family openly shares the emotions associated with reinforcement.

Vlad has not shared congratulation addressed to the wife, although the artist is very active in his page in Instagram. Sokolowski recently released a new song called “Come with me.” The actor admitted that it was devoted to the composition of his beloved, he wrote to her music and words. Subscribers were quick to note that the new product came out touching and romantic, as well as the relationship of the star couple.