Three great love in the life of Emmanuel Vitorgan

Три большие любви в жизни Эммануила Виторгана On Saturday the NTV viewers learn that hides the star of theatre and film. Now Emmanuel Vitorgan happily married with Irina Mlodik. Close men are sincerely glad that he has again found happiness in marriage, because the share artist has dropped a lot.
Три большие любви в жизни Эммануила Виторгана

Another guest of the show NTV “Secret in a million” will be people’s artist of Russia Emmanuil Vitorgan. A man will reveal his secrets to leading Lera Kudryavtseva. The output of the broadcast was fraught with scandal. In the media appeared information that the wife of TV and theatre stars Irina Mlodik supposedly is in an interesting position. Later, the woman denied this information, but Kudryavtseva explained the reason why the reporters were misinformed. According to Lera, “fake” news about the new addition to the family Vitorgan has arisen due to the fact that her words were distorted.

On the eve of the broadcast with Emmanuel Gedeonovich “StarHit” decided to recall the details of his biography. Being an excellent artist and eminent man, a star of cinema and theatre has always been of keen interest from the opposite sex, but his personal life is not always all was smooth. Behind Vitorgan – two marriages and two children born in previous relationships.

“Student” marriage and the meeting with the fatal beauty

The first wife of Emmanuel Vitorgan was the actress Tamara Rumyantseva. Artist legalized relationship with a colleague 24 years of age. Then Emmanuel gedeonovich studied at the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. It was there and struck up a romance Vitorgan and Rumyantseva. Fiancee of the future stars of theatre and cinema was younger than him by three years.

After graduation, the lovers moved to Pskov, but lived there for a while. After some time, the couple returned to Leningrad and started his theatrical career. Married Vitorgan and Ksenia Rumiantseva was born. When she was five years old, her parents separated. Cause of divorce artists began meeting Emmanuel Vitorgan with his future wife Alla Batler. Emmanuel gedeonovich met the blonde beauty in the skit, held at the House of the actor. Vitorgan fell in love with the Butler and decided to go with Rumyantseva, not to deceive her.

“The first wife Tamara was a wonderful woman. Divorced because there was Alia. After meeting her I had no other option but to leave home, although I knew that put a huge blow to his family, She was a little girl… But children cannot be cheated, the child sees and feels. Feel even more than an adult…” – recalled Vitorgan.
Три большие любви в жизни Эммануила Виторгана

When Rumyantsev was her beloved husband, she decided not to make a scene. Proud woman gathered former lover’s suitcase and sent it to Butler, accompanied by a bottle of cognac and wishes of happiness in your personal life. Then Tamara along with her daughter went to Petrozavodsk.

Ksenia, heir from his first marriage, Emanuel Gedeonovich very complicated relationship. The actor admits that experiences difficulties in dealing with a woman, but tries not to judge her. With the years of conflict between Vitorgan and his daughter have smoothed out somewhat. “It became easier to communicate. And this is largely due to Irina,” – said Ksenia.

The struggle with severe illness and loss of a loved one

The second wife of celebrity became Alla Butler, who gave him a son Maxim. A whirlwind romance artists broke while working on the musical “West side story”. For the sake of Alla Butler actor left the first wife and daughter. “She was incredibly beautiful, plastic, great composed and stunningly sang,” admitted Vitorgan.

Before you legalize the relationship with Butler, Vitorgan I lived with her for four years. The lovers moved to Moscow and began working in the theater. When artists have a common son Maxim, they finally decided to get married. The wedding was very modest, it was attended by only close friends of the couple – Natalya Varley and Vasily Bochkarev, who witnessed the marriage ceremony.

Три большие любви в жизни Эммануила Виторгана

Subsequently, Emmanuel gedeonovich admitted that Alla Davidovna was a wonderful wife and mother. When the man was on tour, she took care of all housework. “I played 30 performances a month, starred in three films a year” – recalled the artist. In recognition Vitorgan, Butler has sacrificed a lot for loved ones. Darling Emanuel Gedeonovich often refuse roles to be together with her beloved son.

Family happiness of the pair was under threat because of the terrible diagnosis Vitorgan. In the mid-90s, doctors discovered he had lung cancer. Beloved men decided to hide from him the sad news. Butler told the husband that he had tuberculosis. About the cancer Emmanuel gedeonovich learned only after surgery.

Only thanks to the continued support of his beloved wife Vitorgan was able to stand up and overcome serious illness. When Emmanuel gedeonovich was sick, Alla Davidovna studied all about cancer inside and out. According to Vitorgan and his wife showed “tremendous will power”.

However, three years later, the doctors again shocked family of actors. Alla Butler was diagnosed with cancer of the spine. Woman very bravely accepted his diagnosis. Now Emanuel Gedeonovich had to throw all the forces to help his wife to stand in an unequal battle. Unfortunately, the miracle did not happen. Alla Butler tragically passed away in July 2000. Her loss was a huge blow to Vitorgan, who doted on the girl. Emmanuel Vitorgan: “I came to see his wife in the house and then banging his head against the wall”

“It was three years of total pessimism and total optimism. Every year the doctors said the cancer had receded. But then again the disease had returned. In the fourth year were not able to keep Alia here… look what happened, she brought me back to life-saved, and I couldn’t…” – shared the actor.

Happiness after the test

Third wife of Emmanuel Vitorgan much younger than him. Spouses absolutely do not mind the difference in 22 years because they have real feelings towards each other. Close Emanuel Gedeonovich can’t get enough of the fact that he is again happily married. It Irina at the time, helped the artist to cope with the difficult loss of a loved one. During the conversation with journalists Vitorgan said that the woman “brought it back to life.”

Wedding lovers took place in 2003. The actor admitted that Mladic something reminds him of Butler. “Both surprisingly peaceful,” said the man. Vitorgan wife confirms his words.

“We almost don’t fight. Maybe some kind of collision, do not understand each other. But to argue, not to talk to each other or, God forbid, to offend, insult… I don’t even understand how it can be. Emmanuel Gedeonovich, sometimes, the house explodes, and he is so funny that he starts laughing with me. He was very giggly,” said Irina Mlodik.

In preparing the article used materials of the “Arguments and facts”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and Woman’s Day.