Fans pray for the health of Zerah

Поклонники молятся за здоровье Зары The singer became poorly before an important speech in the Kremlin. Despite the malaise, the singer Zara came on the scene, perfectly performing the waltz from film “My tender and gentle animal”. Fans of the singer asked her to take care of yourself and take care of their health.

Beloved by millions of fans of the singer Zara made them worry about her health. The singer took the stage of the State Kremlin Palace, overcoming itself. Zara took part in the anniversary concert of the famous composer Eugenia Dogs. The star sang the famous waltz from the film “My tender and gentle beast”, so none of the spectators sitting in the hall, did not understand that shortly before the performance the singer was under a dropper.

Zara itself is the culprit of your condition called busy schedule. However, feeling bad for the dedicated singer is not a reason to abandon responsible speeches and meetings with fans who were looking forward to.

“After all, music heals. Congratulated dear Evgeniy D. Doga, who gave the world so much beautiful music and performed a stunning Waltz from the film “My tender and gentle beast”. Thank you, my family, for their support and good wishes! Realized that I don’t iron man and should rest more. However, the work is not waiting. Tomorrow we fly to new York, where the same day I’m performing at Barclays Center, and the next day we’ll make something very interesting. And now again on a drip,” – said Zara in a microblog.

After reading this post, followers of the singer was seriously excited. They ask the performer to protect themselves and more attentive to their health.

“Sarochka, you are as always gorgeous, but don’t forget that you need to take it easy”, “Zara, take care of yourself! Work is work, but Maxim, Danya and we all need you healthy and full of energy!”, “Sarochka, you are our flower, get well soon. Do not get sick, take care of yourself”, “Fly to new York and on the same day to speak…tin… Embody the idea of leisure in life! Strength to you, good Sunny mood, despite the fatigue and the vagaries of the weather!”, “Zara, I understand you. But for God’s sake, be careful! Take care of yourself, get plenty of rest. You’re such a fragile, kind, sympathetic. I love you very much. Now I will survive,” sincerely worried about Zara her fans.

We will remind, not so long ago in the life of the singer Zara was an important event – she became the godmother of a charming little girl, the daughter of their friends. Singer Zara baptized the baby in Georgia

Star’s approach to new responsibilities. Specifically to participate in the rite of Zara came to Georgia, where he passed the sacrament, laying aside all their Affairs. As admitted Zara, she loves adorable little girl named Thea. My godmother daughter, the singer calls “our precious girl”.