Папа может! Whether the protagonist of the movie about the son-the schoolboy and sausage sandwich on it? Friends joke that so gorgeous singer Renat Ibragimov helps sleep in the fridge. “Yes, laughs Renat Islamovich, – in the refrigerator to multiply does not work”. The artist knows what he says.
Папа может!

On the eve of the 70th anniversary, he became a father for the eighth time! And the cord have a little girl (in the latter, the third, married wife Svetlana Minnikhanov gave him four children) cut yourself:

“I was present at the birth of the youngest son in the maternity ward I was even handed a pair of scissors, but I was psychologically not ready. And now another thing. My wife and I went to special courses.”

Baby Maryam was born in the bath. “We had an inflatable kiddie pool, filled it with warm water, put a package of sea salt, – says Ibragimov. Light knelt down, leaned over the side, I started to give her a back massage, and ten minutes later came Mariasha. Naturally emerged right into the water. Took his daughter in his arms, gave Svetlana, she put the baby to the breast. But once the umbilical cord can not be cut. In hospitals do wrong. The umbilical cord should tulsiwadi, because there continues to be food to the child.”

To the solution, you’re wife will be home, Renat Islamovich approached seriously.

“I know what hospital. My son Attila, and I personally saw and watched. But when we with Svetlana began to collect information, registered for classes, it turned out that much of what is needed, in the hospitals there. I brought the principle of “three T”. It should be warm, dark and quiet.
Папа может!

I got to the maternity ward with my wife. There is terrible cold, had to, although it was summer, remove your robe and poddevat jumper. Probably, this temperature is maintained there for the sake of sterility, but the child from the environment heat has to go through the same environment.

The second “T” – instead of his usual dark blind newborn from a huge surgical spotlight. Well, the last. Quiet, relaxed atmosphere that babies feel in the womb, once destroyed, to be replaced by the cries of women in labor could be heard from all sides. But in our bath, everything was perfect. Don’t need no hospital: Light newborn daughter fed, then the baby’s grandmother claimed, and we quietly went in the house.”

Папа может!

I ask the artist what he would do if the delivery was not so perfect. “We consulted with girlfriend’s family, her three children were born at home, and another was near our friend the osteopath. Svetlana pregnancy exacerbated problems with the veins. And everything is fine, this time we even did an ultrasound and consultation was not observed.”

Renat Islamovich openly shared that is still not used to the married life (Svetlana is younger than its forty years) no special preparations. Anti-aging treatments also had no honor, “Even at concerts no makeup don’t use, Andrew.”

In conclusion, I want to add that this dad as Renat Ibragimov, of course, you can! But only in conjunction with a mom like Svetlana, wise beyond his years. Light says that, being pregnant, tell her husband visit the doctor and passed all the tests. Without serious preparation and participation of the professionals to repeat her experience of childbirth she never advises.