Anastasia Volochkova has sheltered immigrants from Central Asia

Анастасия Волочкова приютила выходцев из Средней Азии Helps the dancer family from Tajikistan in distress. The star does not regret for their money and even gave them a few rooms in the house for staff. Now Anastasia thinks of the guests from the Republic a part of their family.

Anastasia could not pass someone else’s misfortune and helped complete strangers. About a year ago prima met a married couple from Tajikistan – lolita Rustam. The family came to Moscow in search of a better life. But the circumstances were not as they expected. The money earned is barely enough to stay, and soon the couple found out that they will have a second child. The couple was on the verge of despair, but they had met Anastasia who offered them his help and lived in a house for staff.

Prima very worried about the pregnancy Lolita, but all went well and recently a woman gave birth to a daughter. After the birth the family went back to Tajikistan, the artist has allowed them to live with her now.

The ballerina did not spare money on gifts for the baby and bought her all the necessary things, including the crib and stroller. The girl’s parents she made to his job, and now they help her with household matters at home. Prima has said lolita Rustam as part of the family. The artist appreciates the staff and loves to celebrate holidays with him. Anastasia recently celebrated the birthday of the maid of Rachel, who is working with her for over 9 years.

“Yes, Anastasia really help the family from Tajikistan”, – confirmed the “StarHit” information representative Anastasia Volochkova.

“To help the needy the neighbor who is in trouble, it is the duty of everyone who has the opportunity. If you become kinder, more generous and more generous – the world would be different, life will be easier and easier. It is unknown what awaits each person in the future and what kind of trouble might arise on life’s journey,” – said the artist.

What it means to be without a roof over the head of prima’s experience. Once upon a time her family became the victim of unscrupulous realtors. They were on the street and for several years was forced to live in rented accommodation.

Close ballerina note that Anastasia has a very good heart, and she just can’t get past someone else’s misfortune.