Galina Bob became a mother for the second time

Галина Боб стала мамой во второй раз The star of the series “Deffchonki” gave her husband, film Director Sergei Koryagin, another baby. Now a celebrity and her baby are doing well. Sex of the newborn Galina Bob has not yet calls.

Today, April 25, the theater and film actress Galina Bob gave birth to her second child. The baby was born in one of capital clinics. A happy event, the actress said she published videotapes directly from the clinic. The celebrity has hinted that he feels great, and showed the heir, peacefully sleeping in the arms of her husband. By the way, the sex of the child Galina not yet announced, and fans are forced to wait for an answer to this question.

Now the star and her husband accept congratulations from relatives, friends and colleagues. It is worth noting that the pair’s two year old son of Lion. About the interesting position of the actress fans learned immediately. In November last year, Galina gave a solo concert in one of Moscow clubs, where he became a prominent rounded tummy of the singer. Despite the short length dresses, special style dress still did not allow fans to clearly say about pregnancy idol.

As recognized by Bob in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”, she learned the good news just three months later. It turned out, my beloved didn’t even believe his luck several times, double-check a positive result.

“I began to suspect that inside of me settled a little man. At three in the morning did a test that confirmed everything. Then at 5 am my husband laughing from all that is happening, and I did five pregnancy tests to make sure that it is not a coincidence,” said the star of “Devchenok”.

Sergey is happy to be a father for the second time and thanks beloved for this gift. Note that all nine months, the man supported Galina and, despite a busy schedule and stayed with her, helped to implement all the ideas his wife.

Bob led an active lifestyle the entire time: he participated in the filming, traveling, attending social events and spent a lot of time with his young son. The woman admitted to “StarHit” that continued to work in theatre, despite the big belly, but it wouldn’t let her role in Chekhov’s play “Three sisters”. All the power she decided to direct the creation of new tracks.

“But I’m glad, because you will have more time to dedicate to music. What’s going on in the mind of a pregnant woman will only understand pregnant woman. Emotions, all that neuro-bare, the mood is changing every minute. I think in such condition you can write something brilliant”.