Уголовная ответственность с отца Бритни Спирс была снята

Recently over the personal life of Britney Spears to spin a lot of scandals, and the news is her name even appear in the criminal chronicle. Fortunately, things started to get better, and the father of the singer was cleared of criminal liability. Jamie Spears has been accused of gross physical violence with his 13-year-old grandson Sean.

Уголовная ответственность с отца Бритни Спирс была снята

A statement to the police on Jamie filed the ex-husband of Britney – Kevin Federline. A man together with his lawyer in divorce cases appealed to police Department of the state of California. He said, Jamie Spears was physically abusive to his grandson, and even tried to kick the door in the room where I was hiding a scared little boy. This conflict occurred in the house of the father of Britney.

By law, the details of the case should not be disclosed because the victim in the scandal, the acts of a minor child.

Now, 17 September 2019, it became known that the Prosecutor’s office Ventura County stopped the investigation and have removed criminal responsibility with Jamie Spears. In an official statement, said: “the results of the study of the case revealed insufficient evidence that Mr. Spears has committed a criminal offence”.

This scandal had a disastrous effect on the internal atmosphere in the family. The order of the court Jamie Spears no longer has the right to approach his grandson. So the man decided to give up custody of his daughter because Britney spends a lot of time with my sons. Control singer and watching her health is now her closest assistant, Jody Montgomery.

The Britney Spears suffered a very hard conflict between the son and her father. “Britney is very upset about the incident. She could not believe that the father has endangered her relationship with the boys. The star lives in constant fear that they will lose custody” — this comment gave close friends of the singer.

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