Brad pitt is not interested in receiving “Oscar”

Брэд Питт не заинтересован в получении «Оскара»
Hollywood actor brad pitt has admitted that he does not want to fight for the award “Oscar”.

Брэд Питт не заинтересован в получении «Оскара»

55-year-old actor was one of the few celebrities, who in different years has openly declared that it intends to refrain from struggle for “Oscar”. Pitt admitted that he, of course, pleased to receive prizes and awards, but the actor should not work for this.
According to Entertainment Weekly, the star also believes that the high attention to the various films when they take part in the Oscars or other awards, may prevent the viewer to perceive this movie and not give him the opportunity to focus on the painting itself.

Брэд Питт не заинтересован в получении «Оскара»

However, brad pitt is still the major contender for an Oscar for her supporting role in the successful movie of Quentin Tarantino’s “One day in Hollywood…”. 26 September in the Russian car will be a sensational film with the actor – “To the stars”, which will also qualify for the major movie awards in the world. Recall that pitt already has a statuette “Oscar” for the production of the tape “12 years of slavery”.

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