Брэд Питт поделился секретом многомиллионного бизнеса

Around the world know brad pitt as a great actor, but few people realize that he is also a successful businessman. Brad owns Plan B, which every year receives the prestigious award.

Брэд Питт поделился секретом многомиллионного бизнеса

Most recently, in rolling out the film “To the stars” in which the actor played a major role. Appearing at the premiere, pitt gave an interview in which he told it, they were working on the project, and separately started talking about personal business.

The company Plan B began its existence in 2001. Then its founders were: brad pitt, Jennifer aniston and brad gray. After pitt and aniston divorced, the actress has left their powers. Shortly after her and went gray, the actor has decided that all the time wants to devote to the art. So pitt was the sole owner of Plan B. by the Way, the film “To the stars” is also the products of this company.

During the year the company can participate in the issue only two or three projects where, often, the producer acts as the actor himself. But every film is a masterpiece. On account of Plan B the following picture: “12 years of slavery”, “Moonlight”, “Power”, “Tree of life”, “the Departed”. For all these films inundated with praise from film critics, they received a number of Oscars, and even at the Cannes film festival some was awarded the Gold palm branch and to the American projects is a rarity.

Brad admitted that the main source of funding of Plan B is its acting. The millions of dollars he invests in the project. In the near future, he sees himself as an actor of the television series. For it was little the two hours that are given to the film to fully reveal his identity. He wants more, and this can be done by removing the television series.

What is most interesting — Plan B makes films exclusively with deep content, breaks down conventional stereotypes. However, pitt is considering a television series Comedy.

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