Cords will film a video with the heroine of “Bags” and “Eskhata”

Шнуров снимет клип с героинями из «Сумки» и «Эскпоната»

To create a landmark movie about St. Petersburg “Leningrad” will begin this week. The script for the new clip has already been written. But the filming location is kept secret.

“We will make Petersburg, said creative producer of clips of group Dmitry Muravyev. – We finally give tribute to the city, to whom we owe everything, and in whose honor the name of the group. Will be all about this city, at the same time we will try a little papareschi our heroes”.

In General, the scope for imagination where he came from. And in fact, who will appear in a new video shocking Petersburg rock-group? Boorish oligarch’s wife from the glamorous video for “Bag”? Or, perhaps, she “louboutins” from the cult “Exhibit”? However, plausible and philosophically-minded nurses from the movie “HLS”: it is said that Sergei loves them especially gently.

To make a new video will be Shot Fancy Agency that was already working on clips of the “Leningrad”, with his participation were lifted, “HLS”, “Bag”, “VIP”, “Prayer”, “school”, “Road”, “Cry”, and “Exhibit”.

This clip, recall, was the last hit of the “Leningrad”, which sounded the voice of former lead singer Alisa VOX. March 25, the singer left the band for a solo project.

“Of course, again, the movie will remove. Of course, there are no yellow strobe lighting, – said the Ants. – Of course, we can bring some Italian operator, and he will take insanely beautiful. And all his friends are operators, and we say, “Oh, how beautiful”. And the audience will not understand. We therefore rather important to understand. And it is advisable to raise any issue, and to get rid of it”.

By the way, the group “Leningrad” already have a clip dedicated to the city on the Neva. However, the video for the song WWW, shot in 2002, cartoonish, and iconic places of the city – Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul fortress, Petrovsky stadium drawn.

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