Lilli Wachowski for the first time appeared in public

Лилли Вачовски впервые появилась на публике

One of the sisters Wachowski Lilly, which not so long ago was one of the brothers Wachowski Andy, for the first time a sex-change appeared in public. Director appeared at awards GLAAD Media Awards, where he received the award for the series “the Eighth sense”. In the speech he made transgender said about the plight of people who are changing gender, and that they have to fight for the right to be themselves.

“Art cannot be static. Ideas of identity and transformation – one of the most important stages of our work, in which all ideas are based on love. For transgender love is the most important thing. Often many of us choose death, not love, because it is so important to speak a lot about it. It is necessary not so much to other people, but for us.

I was lucky. My family, friends and doctors encouraged me and helped me through all of this. Often to support transgender loved ones is a luxury. Many do not survive” — said Lilly and specifically thanked his wife Alice Blasingame.

Recall that that Eddie was Lilly, it became known about a month ago. The truth came to light suddenly: a British journalist has so got a Director demanding an interview that the things (that) had to admit the transformation. Previously Paul was replaced by Andy’s brother Larry, who became Lana.

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