It is known who Kate Middleton will take in India

Стало известно, кого Кейт Миддлтон возьмет с собой в Индию
The couple go on the trail of Princess Diana.

Стало известно, кого Кейт Миддлтон возьмет с собой в Индию

Kate Middleton,Prince William

Photo: PA Photos/TASS

In the next few days, Kate Middleton and Prince
William faces a serious test. The couple, who are known to be very
attached to their children – a 2.5 year old George and 10-month-old Charlotte will be
forced to permanently part with their beloved heirs. But little Princess
have never been without mom for more than a day… But the choice of the Duchess of
Cambridge almost was not. Not join William in time in advance
scheduled official visit, she simply had no right. And to take
even very young children in the stifling Indian heat and not sterile
conditions she did not dare.

Nevertheless, Kate and William depart in your
Indian voyage is not together, but at a big company. They will be taking
a team of 11 people! Its membership will be comprised of people without whom the Duchess
and the Prince do not able to. First of all, it is Kate’s Secretary Rebecca deacon,
which you have to follow the schedule of the visit. Tips part of the policy
the Royal couple will provide David manning, who worked formerly with
Prime Minister Tony Blair. But the most valuable for Kate’s team members is her
personal assistant Natasha Archer and stylist Amanda cook Tucker.

Natasha, who is actually
a dresser for the Duchess and her first adviser of style, prepared
for Kate as much as 20(!) options of outfits. And miss Tucker have to solve
intricate puzzle, how to make the 35-degree heat and
impressive humidity of the make-up of the Duchess is not blurred, and the hair is not
started to curl “the petty demon”.

However, as expected, one of these days Kate will wear
not in any of the costumes, carefully stashed for her, Natasha Archer, and in
real Sari! Moreover, not British imitation, but a real creation of the Indian
designer Rita Kumar, created the outfit for the Princess Diana. Between
incidentally, during his Indian visit Kate with her husband would set
time to honor the memory of dearly beloved mother of Prince William. They will go
in the famous Taj Mahal, which, at the time, visited Diana…

Kate Middleton,Prince William,Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Photo: @kensingtonroyal (Kensington Palace Instagram )

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