Cords found a new singer for my band

Шнуров нашел нового солиста для своей группы

The leader of group “Leningrad” was trying to lure elegant “macho” kuzyu of the Riga city Council.

Meeting with Kuzey took place within the precincts of the Riga city Council – may 6, Sergey Shnurov was just about to give a concert in the Latvian capital Riga. Kuzma with the flamboyant musician meet tete-a-tete did not dare, and took with him the mayor of the Nile Ushakov. And was a thousand times right!

After all, St. Petersburg musician was willing to do anything to get this one of the most famous residents of the Latvian capital!

This is evidenced by the photo that nil Ushakov has posted on his page in Facebook, accompanied by its appropriate signature: “As a Cord of the cat kuzyu in “Leningrad” was trying to poach. The traditional meeting before the concert in my office. The output from the photo-couldn’t resist and workers of the Riga city Council”.

You of course guessed that we are talking not about the man, about a posh cat named Kuzma, which along with another cat – Muris became a full member of the Riga city Council. The photo shows that the leader of group “Leningrad” actually strangles a cat. Apparently, Kuzma said Shnurov failure. But Sergei is a well – known breeder.

“Neal and long friendship, experiencing each other a friendly sympathy. So every visit to Riga, I find myself at city hall, and I’m not being dragged in handcuffs – go voluntarily and with pleasure. And then, he – cats, I’m a cat person. My cat of the Burmese breed name is Vasilisa, she wildly misses me while I am on tour,” explained his interest in Mouser employee of the Riga city Council the Cord.

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