Leonid Agutin told about the talent heiresses

Леонид Агутин поведал о талантах наследниц Singer was first described to journalists how to live abroad and what do Lisa and Pauline. Girls are different from each other in personalities and interests, but both never cease to amaze star father with their success.

      Леонид Агутин поведал о талантах наследниц

      Leonid Agutin do not miss the opportunity to communicate with his daughters when he has a spare moment. The musician is working on his songs and manages to take part in the show “the Voice. Children” as a mentor. About the success of the heiresses Agutin periodically reported in his microblog. The singer first told reporters about the talents of their daughters.

      Agutin eldest daughter, Pauline, lives in France. 20-year-old girl studying at the Sorbonne faculty of law. “Her main talent is intelligence. Her whole mind is the science and study. Speaks five languages fluently. Switches per second and talks. Now teaches Japanese – I think will succeed,” – boasted of the successes of the eldest daughter of the artist.

      Lisa, born in marriage Agutin and Angelika Varum, 2003 studying in Miami. Girl playing music in a rock band. Father encourages daughter’s interests, even a few times went with her to the concerts and bought the combo amp for electric guitar, of which she had dreamed. According to Leonid, the girl sings well. “Lisa has a beautiful voice, but when she does, all the color disappears. To explain or to persuade, I can not. And why? She will come to this. Now she moved from guitar to the keys, beginning to use complex chords, began to sing stylistically closer to Amy Winehouse or Adele” – said a stellar dad.

      Agutin said that his daughter did not like each other. He believes that Lisa is a tough girl, she has a Bohemian-creative temperament. “Everything should be talented and non-pop” – according to this principle, according to singer, lives with his daughter. He is a little hard to get used that Lisa almost all grown up.

      “I need three things. So she was happy and healthy. So I was able to say that this is my daughter. To me it’s about never forgot,” said Leonid in an interview with “TV”.

      Unfortunately, often communicate in Leonid and the girls not go out, but occasionally the whole family goes on vacation together. Last summer they visited France. The trip organized by 20-year-old Pauline. The plans of the singer and girls to go now to walk through London.

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